How I am becoming the biggest travel blogger

How I Plan To Be The Biggest Travel Blogger!

How I am going to be the biggest travel blogger!

If you already know who I am you know what I think of travel bloggers or bloggers in general. There all w****rs and they bore me to death. I wrote an article on this exact issue.

So you might think to yourself why do you want to be the biggest w****r? Well, I want to change up the game, the attitude and the stigma behind the travel blogging industry! I am bored of the wannabe travel bloggers and their s**t posts and think they are privileged because they will write about a place or company so they now own it. All these wannabes have is a blog that covers the main topic that every other blogger has covered, Bulls**ting to all their readers on how easy travel is or how they can get travel for free  (yes this is a link to my own blog). Their blogs have a lifespan of a couple of weeks longer than there travels. (due to the typical blog about going home after travel). What are these bloggers really giving back to the people? Lies? Paid Influence? The Streets painted gold?

F**k You computer

Why the F should I care?

Small w****y bloggers

The reason why I got into writing, was to find something I loved to make money. I’m not going to lie the money was the end game (And still is). But I realized quickly I can’t sell for shit. This isn’t because I can’t talk to people, But the fact the streets are not gold with travel! Its hard, Its effort but god dam it, it’s worth every struggle. You can’t sell the struggles when all the other bloggers are trying to sell you the magic potions, Come to Australia, You will be rich after working one job! (don’t believe me check out this link  and look at a couple of the blogs. It’s full of one blog a monthers. I’m not saying they’re all talking s**t but definitely most are.

Large Bloggers

Don’t get me wrong these guys are amazing at what they do! They have worked extremely hard and their blog content is spot on. Very good facts and Great photos. But a lot of them have sold out! ( not all is still killing it!) But the guys I’m talking about are the ones you jump on to there site, have a banner at the bottom advertising you something, something pops up and stops you from reading about the product there being paid to tell you about!

It’s so annoying for 2 reasons; One for the guys who actually to read there content. But the most important thing is the little travel bloggers that think copying their style will help out there blogs. This is why there is so many wanna be one month bloggers. They spam there sites with ads and articles about themselves traveling the streets of gold!

How this leads me to become the biggest blogger of all time

I have set a goal of writing a 750 Articles in less than a year (target 3 blogs a day). This means spending 4 hours a day on blogs! This would put me with a running total of 850 blogs! within 2 years of having a website. Most people would be scared of telling you all this information! Scared of you undercutting them doing it better, putting in more hours with a bigger team and all this Bull. I’m not if you’re able to put in more work than me and every other travel blogger good one, let’s change the game together.

Doing 750 articles in a year won’t make you the biggest blogger and your articles will be s**t.

This is right I doubt if I will rank on anything good for all these blogs and bet some of these blogs will even bring in any traffic. But the Articles will be actually traveling information that people need, things that people need to know. I won’t just be bragging about my journey. (might do a little bit of bragging)

Why am a going to this then?

To learn and grow. Learn what works and grow my website. Let’s look at it this way If every one of my articles brings in 10 visitors a month. 7,500 views a month isn’t a bad start to blogging. But I’m aiming at 1,000 views a month a blog…for any of you not wanting to do the maths that’s one million.

It’s going to take 1000 hours to complete this task. The same time as working 25 weeks in a day job…To Make blogging my day job.

What’s the next step after the onslaught of blogs?

This is the move that changes the industry… This one I’m keeping to myself! If you’re a travel blogger and want change, I would keep an eye on me!


Thanks for reading

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