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The Best Travelling Story Ever!!!

Ok let me start with a disclaimer, I’m the author. Now that’s out the way let me continue to tell how amazing I am.

This book is about the Author, Sean Brett (Myself) and the book’s editor, Taylor MacKee. How we decided to risk it all by packing our bags and jumping on a plane from England to Australia.

This book aims to inspire others to do the same and take that leap into traveling even if they don’t think they can!

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5 stars

So, I have read a couple of travel genre books already. And my first vision and observation from a travel genre book is how much adventurous the journey was and learning clearly about cities perspectives. One of my friends recommend me this book from Sean Brett. He is totally a new writer but this writing reveals his journey of love, adventures, lifestyle, traveling in his book. I can totally relate myself in this book where he actually pointed the real perspectives of travels in different countries. Anyone, who loves to explore the reading journey of an amazing travel experience can definitely give this book a try.

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4 stars

My daughter always travels in places and she has given me some idea of traveling. But I can’t travel countries in this age and also I don’t have much time for that. But I always try to read some books about people traveling in countries. As from my honest opinion this book was kindda new to me. I have read some book from famous author but the author of this books first book. I thought I give this book a read. Yes! I quite liked the way he wrote this book. Failure, Success and goal was a couple based travel experience who is backpacking in Australia. overall the book was pretty much worth giving my money.

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5 stars – inspiring

A light-hearted, interesting and inspiring read, about 2 ‘poms’ on their Australian Adventure.
I look forward to the next chapter

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The Blurb

Tests. Exams. Business meetings. Business takeovers. Responsibilities. Never-ending bureaucracy. And that’s just a glimpse into the lives of most men and women in the corporate world we’re living in. And for what? To find a good job and make a decent living. At least that’s the excuse we manufacture for ourselves.

But is that what life is truly all about? Working and earning money? And most importantly, will earning all that money make you a happier person? If that’s the case, then why are some of the world’s richest people fighting a losing battle with depression, stress and anxiety?

The truth is that most people have been so busy earning more and more money and working day in and day out that they have neglected the most important part of being alive; having fun and enjoying yourself…traveling…seeing what’s out there.

Author Sean Brett and co-author Taylor MacKee will take you on a fascinating journey of self-awareness, discovering what life is all about and taking off those blinders that modern society has imposed on us. Through their story, they wish to inspire other people find a healthy balance between their personal life and professional life, helping them make the most out of their lives.

After all, you only live once which is why letting your life turn into a spiraling vortex of work, business and finances is the worst thing you can do if you have any hopes of pursuing true happiness.

So pick up this book, enjoy yourself for a change and open your mind to what “else” there is for you out there!

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