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The Best Travel Items In The World From Around The World

The best dam travel items!

So you wanting to go traveling? Currently Travelling or Just love the idea of Travel and you’re looking at some of the best travel items for your journey?

Well look no further, I have made this extremely easy for you guys!

I have done a lot of research, spend and a lot of time and even used a few of these items.

Some of the Items are specially made by the FSG Travels Team so make sure you check them out!

The Best Travel Items blogs

Here are a couple of the travel Items with reviews by myself (Sean Brett) Or Taylor MacKee. Just a heads up Taylor MacKee isn’t easily impressed. I will even help you by giving you links to the products so you don’t have to spend hours online finding the products!

Perfect and Simple Gifts For Any Traveller – 101 Gifts They Need!

An Epic list of 101 items and gift ideas for travelers, Just a heads up not all the items are tested by the FSG team in this article but use it as a guide on what kind of items to buy.



List of What to Pack To Travel Australia On A Budget (Male style)

We list everything from t-shirts to chargers, check this out before you fly. Similar to the above its there as an idea what to pack rather than the exact items

what to do pack for Australia

What do I need for Farm Work (88 days, 2nd-year visa requirement)

Everything and more for doing your 88 days farm work! Some ideas for items for your farm work!

what do i need for 88 days farm work

5 Best Cameras for Travel

These are some of the best budget cameras for travel blogging and vlogging. We needed a camera to start blogging so we made a basic list of our process and thoughts when looking for the best camera for us.

Budget cameras for travel blogging

Best Travel T-Shirt Ever!

The best T-shirt to wear in hostels to break the ice! These are some of the Items that FSG Travels designed

Best travel t-shirts

The Best Travelling Book Ever

Do you want to hear a story about how I changed my life by starting a life of travel? All about Backpacks To Beertaps our own book!

Best Travel Book


This list will update with every blog I write! So make sure you keep coming back to see the best place to get the best travel items!

What products should we talk about next?

Is there a product you want me or Taylor to cover (she doesn’t take requests well, so on your head be it) leave it in the comment and we might cover it for you.

Thanks for reading

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