The best travel blog ever

Best Travel Blog of All Time

The Best Travel Blog

writing a title of ‘The Best Travel Blog of All Time’ About my own blog seems a little vain and bit narcissistic. But it is true! Who else puts into this much effort into their work?


What makes my travel blogs the best?

If you are looking for a new travel blog to read for tips, funny travel memes, great video’s and lots more. You don’t have to look no further! I will also be sharing how to build a Audience and make your own mark on a flooded network of the traveller bloggers, using a range of social media’s. So make sure you click that subscribe button. I will teach you to build a network as spend time and money researching it myself. Whats better than free tested great tools. As I have a good size following on social media’s I can help you achieve the same, As i build you can too.

So let me tell more about what you will get from me as a blogger.


Great travel memes!

Being the Funny Backpacker, What else do you expect?

Travel Parody of fruit being cut up

One of my many Travel Parodies FSG Travels Insta

Now I have your Attention! I always like to try and find the funny side of travelling due to the fact it can be so dam hard, If you have been travel you would know this!

The travel experience you see VS the travel experience you get is main meme I make but there is others!


These travel parodies continue

I also travel Parodies or Backpacking parodies on YouTube

 YouTube channel

Taylor thought’s

Once a week there is a Blog from the other member of the FSG Travels team. Which is my Fiancee Taylor, In these blogs she gives her unedited opinions on things that happen within our travels. Normally has some harsh words about me and my stupid ideas.

You can check these blogs out here;

Taylor’s thoughts on writing travel blogs once a week

Sassy backpacking blogs

All the links to Blogs are on the link above!


Awesome travel reviews

We love going around on our travels and reviewing all the local places, Activity and Businesses. If you are going to place town or city that we have been too there is probably a review and a video of the place!

The Best Travel Reviews Ever : No One Is Safe!

Travel reviews: the best travel reviews

If you want to see them all see the link above


Advice to make you better travel social influencer / Travel blogger

We give advice from everything from Starting out and finding your niche to coming up with new ideas

Travel Blogging Struggles : How To Solve The Problems

Overcoming struggles of blogging

check out the link above to learn about travel blogging and travel social influencing


The best travel items for travel

We love to get you prepared for travel, mentally and physically, This is the physically.

The Best Travel Items In The World From Around The World

travel items all you need to travel the world

See above links for some amazing blogs


Travel tips and hacks

Want to go travelling or currently travelling, These tips are the for everyone! From travelling for free to what is your 88 days farm work in Australia like!

Travel Hacks And Travelling Tips By The Funny Backpacker

tips and hacks for travellers

If you want to know more make sure you click above


My diary and Thoughts

These a my list of random blogs from gaining weight to Missing England

My Travel Diary And Travelling Ideas

my travel diary

Want to see how weird I can be check out the above

Travel interviews

As a travel blogger I love to how others tick and these are some insights to their mind and mine

Travel Interviews And Other Awesome Interviews From Around The World

Travel interviews

Want to know how I have interviewed check out the link above

Social media Blogs

I love to big up my own social media accounts

Shout Out To My Travel Social Media Accounts! #Bigheaded

Social media Travel Accounts

Want to see my hilarious travel blog about my funnier travel social media accounts, make sure you check out the link above

Funny Travel Blogs

I wouldn’t be the Funny Backpacker if I didn’t make funny travel blogs

Funny Travel Blogs By The Funny Backpacker Himself

Funny Travel blogs

These blogs are funniest travel blogs you will find, so make sure click that link!

Thank You For Reading and Looking Forward From Hearing From You!

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