Port beach fremantle to Cottesloe Beach

Ports Beach To Cottesloe Beach – Best Beach Walk In WA

Best beach walk in WA, Ports beach to Cottesloe Beach

Are you ready for some amazing beach pictures? I give you all the information necessary to view these pictures in real life! This is everything you need to walk from Ports beach to Cottesloe beach visiting Leighton Beach, Mosman Leighton, dog beach and Deane St Beach.  This Walk is around 5 Km which is a pure sandy beach.

Ports beach to Cottesloe beach

This photo was taken from the train overpass at Victoria station.

How long does the best beach walk take?

This walk would take you around 1 hour – 2 hours depending on how leisurely you walk. The terrain is all flat and there are no rocks to climb over, So apart from the distance, this is low difficulty walk. You can come off this walk in different points and you walk parallel to the train just in case you need to come back in a rush.

Ports beach Fremantle

Super smooth and sandy beaches!

Where should I start Cottesloe or Fremantle?

I would recommend doing this walk from Ports beach to Cottesloe beach, not the other way due to the sight of the port. ( It is not unsightly but the view of Cottesloe is much nicer). Plus when you get down to Cottesloe you can treat yourself to a nice fish and chips as a bit of a reward!

Rocks At Leighton Beach WA

Rocks At Leighton Beach WA

The best part of this walk?

One of the nicest parts of this walk is the fact the scenery changes throughout the walk, grass verges to rocky cliffs. Open clear water to rocky pools.

This keeps walking entertaining but still peaceful enough to relax with your own thoughts.

Leighton Beach

Beautiful clear water gently crashing over rocks

Is there a dog beach near Fremantle?

For more than half of the walk is a dog beach! If you’re a dog lover you will get to see a range of different dog! What can be better than that?

The Dog Beach can be found at Mosman Leighton Dog beach (If you don’t want to walk too far to get there you can get off at Victoria street station

Mosman leighton dog beach

Laying down taking some pictures and these two bundled me

Will it be busy?

The walk has a beautiful clear sea! and due to the fact the beach is so long, you never go past a busy part! You may see a lot of others walking and even running this beach as it’s a favorite with the locals. The Busiest time you will find is when you reach Cottesloe but by this time you’re probably happy enough to walk down the road and check some of there shops and Cafes

Clear rocks at ports Beach

Just showing off how clear the water is

What’s special about this walk?

When you get nearer to Cottesloe you will start to see surfers, which is always fun to watch especially if you’re a tourist like myself as its something new!

With Australia’s great weather this beach walk is amazingly relaxing and you can use it to meditate, relax and even think of new ideas.

Cottesloe sufter WA

Surfer at Cottesloe

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