Which Is The Best Beach In Fremantle?

Best beach in Fremantle

Which Is The Best Beach In Fremantle?

I am currently traveling Australia on a working holiday visa from England, I have been situated in Fremantle for the last 6 months. During this time I have been to all of Fremantle beaches and have taken long strolls on all of them. I have put all this information together to give you the answer to which is the best beach in Fremantle.

The Best Beach in Fremantle is Port Beach! Which might even be the best beach in Perth The competition of Fremantle’s best beach was close, with the South beach being a close second. Bathers beach was not even in the running! I will explain why Ports beach is so good and what is worth seeing and doing there as well as the top points of south beach and the reason why you should avoid Bathers Beach!

Port BEach


Why is the Port beach is the best beach in Fremantle?

There are many great things about the Port Beach Fremantle. The reason why this beach is the best is that of these great reasons!

Clearest sea

I don’t think you can have a clearer sea than the Indian Ocean Off Fremantle. The color of the sea is a lovely blue. During the summer month, seaweed is very little in comparison to a lot of other Beaches around Perth and Fremantle

Clear rocks at ports Beach

Just showing off how clear the water is

Golden beach

The Beach itself has a beautiful golden color sandy, with very little rocks. Everything you want from a beach

Ports beach Fremantle

Longest beach

The port beach spans from Fremantle to Cottesloe uninterrupted and is around 5 km in length and is a fantastic walk. I think it’s the best beach walk in the whole of WA

Ports beach to Cottesloe beach


Out of the 3 beaches in Fremantle its the quietest per square foot. (Maybe not after this article)

Port Beach Fremantle

Dog Beach

Love being around dogs? Love this beach!

Mosman leighton dog beach


What’s good about South beach?

2nd best beach in Fremantle might be a little bit of a undersell for this beach, Yes It’s not the best. But it’s not far off. This beach/The beach walk from the South beach is much more interesting and a lot more accessible from Fremantle.


The beach has amazing shipwrecks to look at whilst walking down. This makes great photos!

Shipwreck South Beach

Abandoned Power station

Nothing compared to the Abandoned Power Station. This place looks like its a few underground raves happening there. Also looks like something you would see on Fallout 3. This quite a walk down the beach, as it is just outside Coogee.

Some might say the vandalism has destroyed this place, but I think It looks pretty unique due to its derelict ways.

Power station Coogee Power station Coogee

Easy Asses from Fremantle

With the blue cat bus (which is an orange bus) this beach is really easy to get to from Fremantle and free!

South Beach

Still good beaches

The beach itself is split up of many grones making it hard just to have a long walk down the beach and has seaweed on it. Other than that South beach is still a nice beach.

Crab South beach Fremantle

Why you should avoid Bathers Beach?

Bathers Beach, Bearly a beach! With the other great stretches of beach, why would you want to go to Bathers Beach?

But saying all this it does have some perks

Closest beach

It’s the closest beach to Fremantle high street and right next to the roundhouse.

Bathers BeachBathers beach

Cicerello’s fish and chips

Voted WA best fish and chips and right next door to Bathers beach

cicerello's fish and chips fremantle

Slight bonus (alcohol )

Part of Bathers beach is actually licensed so I guess this is a win! Enjoy a beer on the beach at Bathers Beach house

Bathers beach houseBathers beach

What else is there to do in Fremantle?

Fremantle Is my favorite town in Australia and it has got so much more going for it other than its amazing beaches.

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