Where is the Big Beer in Cologne?

The Reason Why You Can’t Find Big 2Lt Beer In Cologne (Köln)

Where Are the 2Lt Beers In Cologne?

A question I asked as soon as I arrived in Cologne (Köln), Where are the beers at? All the Beers you find in Cologne was a lot smaller than Imagined thinking about the whacking big stein 2 Lt Beers that Germany is known for. Instead, I was greeted by a 200ml Beer.

What is wrong with Cologne? Don’t worry I will be explaining why you can’t get the big Beers and what drinks you can get instead.


A Kölsch Beer in The Hard Rock Cafe Cologne 


Two Main Reasons why you can’t find the Big Beers in Cologne

 It’s not Oktoberfest

Most people think that every weekend is like Oktoberfest, Granted a weekend in Germany is a good laugh but it’s not smashing steins together. It’s having smaller beers and in more manageable amounts.

But if you want to experience Oktoberfest, Head to Munich around 21st September to 6th of October

The Beer of Cologne is the Kölsch

The second Reason you won’t find a 2 Litre stein in Cologne is the fact that the local beer is a Kölsch these are served around the 200ml and look like a half pint. These beers are worth trying, and if you have around 5-6 you might feel like your getting the real German experience.

The Kölsch is not normally too strong and range in 4-5% mark are golden in color and the taste is offputting for most lager drinkers. This is because when making a Kölsch the process is mixed between the process for making an Ale and lager.

If you would like to know more about the Kölsch check out www.thespruceeats.com

Is there anywhere you might find a 2 Litre beer  Stein in Cologne?

Rumors have it that some of the restaurants near the Rhine might supply you with a big stein but these are just rumors. I did try and find one, but I found it impossible. But if you do happen to find the golden stein then leave a comment below and I will update the Article for others.

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