How To Get A Bar Job In Australia (Getting an RSA and RCG)

how to get a job in bar in Australia

How to Get a bar job in Australia (or pub, club or casino)

You may have experience working in hospitality or never set foot in a pub before. This Article is everything you need to know how to get a bar job in Australia! You may be thinking you don’t need to read this if you have worked in a bar in your home country but this would be lies. I will talk about your RSA and RCG that need to have to work in anywhere that serves alcohol. There is also so the competition with every other backpacker to think about, which I will help you win.

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The steps on how to get a bar job in Australia

But if you have no experience at all it might be best to get some before you starting your Working Holiday visa

Tips before leaving your own country

here are a couple things that will help you before you leave your country

  • Learn how to pour a beer
  • Make a coffee by heating milk, Maybe learn basic coffee art
  • Learn how to deal with people

If your unable to require any of these skills don’t worry I didn’t have a clue before I got a job in a bar and within 5 weeks I was a supervisor, If you want to know how I did click here  

Doing your RSA And RCG course

So most states this course is simplicity a basic course you can do online for around $30 and takes around 2-3 hours to complete. Read and multiple choice based questions. simple stuff. Here is an example of this

Make sure you get the right state’s Course, Some course covers a lot of different states. But not NSW due to the fact a lot of the states just need you have the certificate but NSW needs you to have A RSA card

NSW is different for RSA and you will normally need your RCG too in the state. Due to the bars having Pokie machines. Having both will increase your odds of getting a job in NSW by like 1000%

To get a Your RSA/RCG  in NSW it is easier to attend a course like this one Then take your certificate to the Tax

Federal government office to get your physical card. Until then you are able to paper RSA /RCG (interim certificate) for 90 days.

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Make a killer CV(resumé) and cover letter

This is obviously something that everyone needs but not something that everyone does. When working in a bar and the number of people was asking if there were any jobs going and they never had Cv’s let alone cover letter was amazing! Yes having a CV doesn’t get a job but definitely raises the odds.

So how do you write the perfect cv and cover letter?

The Cv needs to have all your qualifications including Your newly required RCG and RSA. You really want to have mention customer service skills, You have worked in bars before and or coffee shops. limit professional jobs or any jobs where you don’t work with people (skip over these quickly or don’t include them). You need to make a hospitality based CV.

Your Cover Letter needs to run over all your skills, Qualifications and jobs But most importantly It needs personality! Tell them why you are the person for the job!


Where can you find bar work in Australia?

Bars! Well apart from going around to bars looking for work, The internet is the next best bet! Here are my top places to look online

But saying all this there is no better way for actually walking into a bar and talking to someone


The best way to make a good 1st impression when asking for a job!

You need to dress like you already have the job, The same for interviews and walking into bars. Think Black. Black, shirt, shoes, ties, trousers but like everything else you need to put your own style into your looks or as well as your personality. You need something they will remember you by.

My top tip fo get a bar job in Australia

My little thing to be remembered by ( I am allowing you to copy this idea) is the CV folder. I would put cover letter and Cv in a bright color folder which would cost around a dollar in office works. Give them this folder to them. 9 out of 10m times they would offer it back to me, where I would tell them you can keep this folder to remember me. This raised my odds for an interview by double, Even had someone call me the pink folder person when ringing to give me an interview which I had to turn down because I already had a Job.

Good luck!

Now you know how to get a bar job in Australia, Good luck. You will need it, your in a battle with a lot of other backpackers and Australians!

I also have other great blogs on the struggles on getting work in Australia. As well as information on doing your 88 days farm work! That blog you need to read!

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