1st thoughts of Bali

First Thoughts Of Bali Indonesia – What To Expect

Just arrived at Bali, Indonesia. It’s not what I expected.

This post is more a blog than my normal articles, but I needed to break up the flow of my writing to explain how I (The Funny Backpacker) have left Australia after 2 years of a working holiday visa and arrived in Bali, Indonesia. I highly recommend a working holiday in Australia, as it has done wonders for in all aspects of my life (Probably not my health I’m fatter since leaving England in 2017). If you want to do this then read Australian Working Holiday Visa- Everything You Need To Know (Go on a working holiday, not get fatter. Takeaways are what make you fatter)

Bali Backpacker (Funny Backpacker)

Sean, 26.
Spent 2 years “traveling” on a WORKING holiday visa in Australia…Decided that before he goes home he needs to spend a week in Bali to “find” himself.
Enjoys spiritual quotes, smashed avo and touching his man bun.

What I expected from Bali

In short what I was expecting from Bali was;

  •  Beach weather with a summer breeze
  • A culture that is now only there for show
  • Drunk Australians
  • A few temples
  • Cheap Items
  • Being fake, hyped up, really just for show
  • Begging and people dragging you into shops

( I didn’t have high hopes apparently)

What I have already seen (That, I didn’t Expect)

On arriving in Bali, Things were extremely different from any country that I have ever seen before. Just a heads up I have Never been to an Asian country other than an airport in China.

The Weather

The First thing was the temperature, straight of the plane, it was so sticky. Yes, I have felt muggy weather before but Bali is something else, you can actually see the heaviness of the moisture before you even land it looks like a smog.

The weather is so crazy, Don’t plan too many long walks. As before mentioned, I’m not the fittest person. But I can Happily walk 8 hours on a hot day in some parts of Australia. But Bali, 20 minutes I’m really struggling! Over the next week, I will be writing A blog on how to survive in Bali Weather.

Side Note my camera is near unless out here as it keeps steaming up!

A few temples and the whole fake spiritual thing

That’s what I expected but, Balinese are very spiritual and have many temples and religious ceremonies. This is because Bali is made up of people who follow the practices Balinese Hinduism, called Agama Hindu Dharma.

You can not miss the whole cultural change if you are from a western country. If you leave your accommodation, within two seconds you will probably notice a  Canang sari on the floor.

 Canang sari

Canang sari, Beautiful Flowers and Incense

Unorder of houses and roads, Templars and Sights

Everything is built here with little care on access and little structure. What I mean by this is, If you were building a high street you wouldn’t have a 500-meter gap and then one shop here then 5 on top of each other. The roads its self is just as strange, shared paths with cars, bikes, and people then, stairs. But saying this it makes for some incredible views

Ubud Bali Stairs

Ubud Bali Stairs

Ubud Bali bike

Not the strangest thing on the back on a bike here

Ubud Bali Stairs

Stairs then road


Insects and Animals

Bali has a range of scary looking insects. Thought the fact I survived Australia the bugs would be over, these in Bali look strange and weird and my google result doesn’t tell me whether to touch them or not. (I not going out my way to touch insects). But saying about touching things you will find wild dogs everywhere… DON’T TOUCH THEM, Google did tell me that.

The range of prices

I wasn’t expecting much over than basic shops in Bali and for the most I am right, but this doesn’t the price for jumping from 10k’s to 100k ‘s ($1-$10) for the same items. This is for two reasons, one is branded stuff will cost you and the second reason is that some locals think you don’t understand money.

Even saying this, I had one experience with this in the Ubud market, but apart that everyone is friendly and Helpful.

When it comes to begging and dragging you into shops, I haven’t experienced any of that. The worse thing you might get is someone asking if you want a taxi and once you say no they say “good price”. other than that very happy and friendly … so far.


This was another little thing I didn’t expect in Bali, but it wasn’t the fact of the blackout itself I didn’t expect but how they deal with it… Like there nothing. When eating in a restaurant the just kept cooking serving and selling food! They didn’t skip and beat!

Result of this black out a actual candle lit dinner, It was amazing!

Thank you

Thanks for reading about the First experience of Bali and I hope It helps you with your own personal travels. I am still yet to find any drunk Aussies too, I will keep you updated with new blogs and articles as Soon as I can, till then you can read

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