Plan A Trip to Bali

How Plan A Budget Holiday In Bali From Australia – Quick And Easy

Let’s Plan A Budget Holiday in Bali

You’re on your working holiday in Australia and you need a holiday from a holiday. Because being on holiday can be dam stressful! This blog is all about planning a trip to Bali from Australia

Let me help you plan that trip to Bali. Yes, I will be planning this trip from Australia due to the fact 90% of the people traveling Bali came from Australia but you can use these I ideas from any country in the world!

Bali Gate

Let’s talk flights

The flight to Bali from Australia are going to be one of the most expensive parts of going to Bali, so let me help you save money!

Which airport do I fly to?

Denpasar Ngurah Rai (DPS)

Bali Main Airport!

Which Airport should I fly from?

The way I wrote this is like you have a choice of where you are in Australia and It’s easy to get from one airport to another (It’s not). But saying this you might be still in the middle of planning your Australian road trip and might want to end up in Bali, Well if that’s the case head for Perth. Due to the fact, this is the closest airport to Bali. But the closest doesn’t always mean the cheapest! Next, try and end up in the main city airport, Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane as these will be the cheaper options. The more setting you play around with on flights, dates, location and time of the time will help you achieve the cheapest flight to Bali from Australia

Where can I find cheap flights to Bali from Australia?

If your still old school and you like going to shops to plan flights, STA travel and Flight Centre are your best bets.

But online is your best bet!

here is a couple of links to look for cheap flights

Sta Travel and ( make sure you check both of these separately, They have the same flights… different prices)

For example, I used for the flights to Bali saving $50 and My flight from Bali to England I used (saved $300)

Kayak (APP)

If you’re not sure on a date and can base yourself around your trip to Bali. This app will help you get your flights for a steal!

It has a feature where you can leave information like the destination or when flying out to give you a great deal just because you can find the right time and place… This app I used to get cheap flights around Europe, more on that when I can be bothered to give them tips! (flights for £20 return)

Sky Scanner

Still, haven’t personally used this website as I haven’t found the best deal on here but other travelers rave about it!

Google flights

As above, I’ve not booked anything from this but this has a cool feature where it charts the rise and drop in prices and tell when best is to buy!

What did I pay?

I ended up using STA travel and Ended up getting a one-way flight to Bali from Perth for less than $250 each. Which was a bit of bargain due to the fact I’m going there in perk period.  Flying with Jet Star for you guys want to know!

Where to base yourself?

There are a couple of things to think about when looking for a base from any airport. Closer distances from the airport normally cost more but you need to get to where you’re going and if your using public or taxis it’s going to cost more. catch 22. But saying this with low accommodation and low costs, Chose your base on location… scroll down!

Lets Talk Accommodation

Again a costly part of Bali depending on your lifestyle, But this can be an extremely cheap part if you are willing to sleep in hostels!

I found a great blog on accommodation 32 best hostels  

The range of accommodation and the range of prices

Prices range from $3 to $100 a night depending on hostel to a hotel! You get much more for your money in Bali

Where to book?

You can get package deals with flights but these will cost you… Better to book itself. For cost and choice! See below for my top places to book accommodation in Bali

Hostel world

Use Hostel World for the cheap side of travel, $3 a night in a hostel use this app or website

Such a range of different places

Air bnb

More expensive but you can hire a whole house of on this site. These range from $20 – $100 a night but could be worth it due to having your own private pool!

This is the place I stayed in Bali (Ubud)

Probably the best ranges of different kinds of accommodation. The price range is $10-$100. The best place to find hotels

Best places to see in Bali

Ok I’m going to cheat and plug someone else blog here

But I visited Ubud which I really enjoyed!

Don’t Forget!

Don’t forget your adapter, get yours here on Amazon

Thanks for reading

Thanks for reading how to plan a trip to Bali from Australia

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