How To Make The Most Out Of Bali’s Blackouts

Blackouts of Bali

Blackouts and Bali

Before I write anything in this article about the blackouts in Bali I would like to state that Bali Isn’t a scary place without modern electricity which has rolling blackout consistently which will ruin your holiday. Instead I would like to stress that blackouts can happen during your time in Bali.

In this article, I will be talking about the wonderful experiences that can be had when a Blackout can occur.

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How common are Blackouts in Bali?

Depending on the part of Bali that you are visiting, it can be different. This can also change at the time of the year and the fact if its peak tourist period. (I.E Christmas period).

During my short stay in Bali, we only had one blackout. But talking to locals and how they have planned for blackouts I believe it can be a common experience. What I mean by this is the fact that locals have candles at the ready and normally cook with gas and electric isn’t really a thing in the kitchen.

How long do the blackouts last?

Well, they are normally quite short, a half hour to an hour but for such a hot country it really makes you think about this time when it comes to the freshness of food. Especially as fridges and freezers will be continually opened during this time…

If there is a long blackout, Avoid meat for the next couple of days.

What do I suggest you do when a blackout happens

Before it happens, make sure you have cash. Cash is king. Cash means you can head out for a meal and have an experience that others wish they could have. (but most countries in the world have too many health and safety requirements to try this). This is a real candlelit dinner.

No electricity means no lights. Having a meal in complete darkness and only a single candle for light is super romantic and is one of the romantic things you can do in Bali. This happened to me, I was at Cafe Vespa  In Ubud when the power when out. Instead of a lot of restaurants around the world, which legally would have to ask you to leave and apologize. Cafe Vespa carried on serving and taking new orders as nothing happened.

Of course, there are reasons why health and safety are in place… But if your willing to try something new, I highly recommend this.

Another Idea that is good for the guys that have a place with aircon… Get out and find a pool or a car. Your room will get hot very quickly, Bali is lovely and  Humid.

Blackouts outs don’t stop Bali

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  1. Think I will pack a torch. It’s not one of my normal summer holiday items that I would pack.
    So a big thank you for making me aware off the Blackouts.

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