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The Balance Working VS Travelling – How To Tip The Scales

The Balance Working VS Travelling

The balance between work and travel is real in any situation, You might be saving up to travel, Traveling on a working holiday or just working 40 hour work weeks. It doesn’t make much of a difference, The scales are normally tipped in same direction “work”.  You’re an adult now! You don’t get half terms or long 6 week holidays. Being an adult there is a constant fight between working VS traveling

The balance of Work and travel

The balances for each different traveler type.

The types of different travelers really depend on your lifestyle choices. Normally a traveler would start as a 9-5 traveler then move down the list with the more experienced they became with the travel lifestyle. Some enjoy the staying the same type of traveler, for convenience and enjoyment.

The 9-5 job travelers

  • (The people with working jobs) They get 3 weeks off a year maybe a month with bank holiday if used properly really struggle with this balance due to whatever they do, It will Work 92% to 8% Travel. (Disclaimer I am not talking about the people that travel for work, these guys numbers will be very different and Impossible to averagely work out).
  • If you want to be a 9-5 Traveller, Get a Job or a career


The working holiday traveler

  • (The people who work while traveling) The inexperienced Working holiday traveling will save for 6 months then blow it in one month. Work 84% Travel 16%  After practice They learn to travel and work at the same time and  they learn to tip the scales to Work 50% Travel 50%
  • If you want to be a working holiday Traveller, Get a Working holiday visa best places Australia, New Zealand and Canada


All or Nothing Traveller

  • ( The people that, only travel when traveling. Run out of money, save then travel again) Very similar to the Working holiday travelers the more experience the longer the travel. These guys are normally better educated before their 1st trip though and head to cheaper countries they normal start Work 60% Travel 40% then flip the scales every trip. I’ve heard stories about some working 6 weeks a year to pay for a year’s worth of travel Work 11% Travel 89%
  • If you want to be an All or Nothing Traveller, Save up then go traveling for months at a time, Asia is key

The Expert Traveller

  • (The people that get paid to travel) This one is a funny one because unlike the working holiday traveler, they don’t work day jobs and to be fair they get paid via stuff they do for fun, blogging, taking photos, writing books…etc So the balance is hard to decide but If I had to give it a number Work 5% Travel 95%. They might have to do work but it doesn’t affect their travels too much.
  • If you want to be an Expert Traveller, Learn a skill that you can sell while traveling or have an income to fund your travels



The balance of Work and travel

3 stages of travels

So you probably want to know how each of these traveling types tips the scales and ends up with more travel and less work. It comes down to the 3 stages of travel. If you can shorten the nontravel stages or even learn to travel on them this will help your number massively.


Before you plan any sort of trip, Large or small you need to save. This is normally where every travel starts in the 3 stages of travel, Not like one day after having millions in the bank you just wake up and decide to travel. You have saved.

Saving is one of the most boring parts of 3 stages but not the hardest. Strangely enough, this is where a lot of people give up on traveling because the balance of travel and work is largely bias.”Is it really worth working this hard for X amount of travel”.

How can you Save and Travel?

Most people think the best way of saving is earning more. It’s Actually the cutting back where you make the most savings. A lot of the people the more they earn the more they spend. I have written a blog on the logic of this “Want To Travel But You Can’t Save Money – How To Save Money To Travel” This blog is for anyone who is struggling to save for there holiday

What Saving means to the different types of travelers

The 9-5 job travelers: “The More I save the Bigger the trip, more expensive holiday. More Luxury”

The working holiday traveler: “The More I save the Longer I can go before I have to stay in one location working”

All or Nothing Traveler: ” The longer I have to save the more time have I spend not traveling”

The Expert Traveler: “I save money by traveling more”

How can you saving change the percentage of working VS traveling?

The quicker you save, the less amount of time it takes to get on the road or just saving larger amounts in the same time means longer traveling!

Backpacker tip: If you have to save for a long period of time take advantage of cheap out of season holiday’s to break up your saving with travels.



A lot of people think travel is the point of life. If you are wanting to travel longer, then luxuries are not answer! Go cheap, see more. Hostels over hotels. Walk instead of a taxi. Eat in instead of out. Depending on what type of traveler you are the more you will cut back, the more enjoyment travel can actually bring.

What Travel means to the different types of travelers

The 9-5 job travelers: “I Only have 7 days, go hard then go home!”

The working holiday traveler: “I’ve Saved the money now let’s go mad”

All or Nothing traveler: “Travel Smart, Travel longer”

The Expert traveler: “what’s it like not to travel nowadays?”

How can you favor more traveling vs working?

Quit your 9-5, Plan better, save more money, spend less and plan to go on longer trips (rather than many short trips)



This stage is hell for all travelers but they all have a different meaning of the word “broke”. Being broke is terrible at the time but you learn from it!

What Broke means to the different types of travelers

The 9-5 job travelers:  “have run out of holiday funds”

The working holiday traveler: “no money to live… need work Fast!”

All or Nothing Traveler: ” I’m stuck with no flight no money and no way home!”

The Expert Traveler: “something has gone terribly wrong!”

Learning not to give up!

The biggest thing any traveler will learn from being broke is how not to give up when stuff looks impossible.

How being Broke can help you in the long Change the balance of work to travel

When you become broke whilst you have to options go hard or go home. If you stay you can learn so much! Learn how to live on much less than you have been living on, How to keep traveling with no money and how to make money doing things you never thought about before! Every time you learn this skill you raise your working vs traveling balance to favor travel that little bit more.


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