Good vs bad collaboration

My Good Vs Bad Collaborations

Name and shame

I don’t like to name and shame other bloggers as I think it is very unprofessional. But I don’t think there is anything worse than someone you spend time reaching out too or helping out for them to screw you over.

This happened to me and I think it’s worth putting their names out there. For others to learn from my experiences.

Before I begin I’m not talking about times where we have collaborated and the results weren’t very good, I’m talking about people who don’t keep up with there side of there bargain.

Let’s crack on with the good. Here is a list of some of my favorite collaborations!


The Good

Daniele Calabrese

This guy is an awesome photographer and was great to work with!

He shared this around this friends and family and it really did well on YouTube, the best number of views in 24 hours.

His work is really good and he is really friendly to find out more about him check this blog on Daniele Calabrese

Jimbo shreds

This guy is producing amazing comedy on YouTube and known for his roasts.

I made a video on him

He shared this with his fan group and his fans really got behind it and commented on this video, this is our highest commented video on YouTube.

He returned with this video

It was a pretty good reply.


This was the 1st of the travel parodies I made this came out really well and was much appreciated by every one

I make more photos like these at

Stephen Mudge

This guy made a fantastic viral picture of the eclipse and I was lucky enough to get an interview with the guy and he put in some much enough into his answers! Check it out here for the interview on Stephen Mudge

Vial lunar eclipse By Stephen Mudge

lunar eclipse and the planet Mars as viewed from Brisbane. Photo taken every 5 minutes and then stacked them to produce this image.

Erika with a k

This person interviewed me for there blog with was fantastic coverage for me and she did an amazing job with the can read it here.

(I will update this list, every time we have a fanatic collaboration)

The bad

Kayla and Lee

This was meant to be a simple collaboration… I hold my hands up to say this was partly my fault as this was my 1st collaboration and didn’t do the correct research and rushed in my idea without thinking it through and not offering much into the ways of reward for them.

The idea was for them to give them a copy of our book Backpacks to Beer taps and them to review it. In return, we would share their video on our Facebook page.

We ended sending them a copy of this book and waited for them … Weeks passed and then a video appeared.

Preparing you for a working holiday visa…

A week after we release a short ebook on 10 tips for Australian working holiday visa. (Which sold only 1 copy in this time). Which I have now turned in a Massive article Australian Working Holiday Visa – Everything You Need To Know

This video takes all of our points from our book in this video (including a weird tip I gave about the weather) … Let’s say it the time I was very bitter for this and instantly cut all connections and told them not to worry about the book after receiving a message that read.

Since this, I have learned about the art of having a niche with of have written about it

Learning not to suffer

I never wrote about this experience previously due to not wanting to give them exposure! But over the last 6 months, I thought about the whole experience and realized how I could have acted better!

Even though I have put them in the bad collaboration part, I still wish them luck in the future and if you want to see the video that, I personally felt was a copy of our book it’s here.

So what I hope you learned from this blog is that collaboration is not bad, even if it is a bad collaboration… Just make sure you do the right research 1st. If you want to know how to collaborate click here.

Or collaborate with me here.

Thanks for reading

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