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What Goes Into Travel Parodies – Back on the Parodies

Travel parodies

I love making travel parodies. But its extremely different keeping up with getting the outfits, making the Parodies and finding new people who want to be parodied. If you don’t what I mean By Travel Parody check out this blog  Sometimes my work is known as Backpacking memes, Travel Parodies or just parodies.It can be extremely hard to keep up with posting daily on Instagram, so I normally make them in batches.


Finding the outfit

When I try and find the outfits for these, I normally check charity shops, So as well as being funny, they are good for the world

making parodies outfits

sometimes it takes a little bit more effort than just buying them!

Want to take part?

I’m always looking for collaboration for Instagram!

I’m looking for you!!!

Have you got a good travel photos that you want to share with the world?

Can you take a joke?

Do you give me permission to parody you ?

Drop a comment of your Instagram page and I’ll try and parody one of your photo’s or message me on Instagram @fsgtravels

Just like these

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Looking forward to hearing from you !

Check out my I.G for more great content!



I have made a video on the 1st travel meme was made

It took off on Facebook reaching over 50k people which I was so shocked about!

But strangely enough I took me over 2 months to make a second photo to this travel Parody. Now each of the photo reaches around 1k – 100k reach.


Thanks for reading

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