Australian Working Holiday Visa – Everything You Need To Know


Australian Working Holiday Visa

You’re Thinking about going on a working holiday in Australia then look no further, This is everything you need to know about the Australian Working Holiday Visa Or (OZ WHV for short). There is going to be so much information in the article.

Haven’t started your planning for Oz? then read the lot,

If you’re looking for certain information use the links to scroll the page. Save this article as a favorite on your phone so you can use it as a bible, Referring to it when you need it.

If you don’t know I am, I’m the Funny Backpacker and see the funny side of travel but here is a semi-serious article from me to prove I can be normal.

Ps, I have placed some of my favorite pictures of Australia within the blog to inspire more travel!

What will I cover;

Just something you can see on your Australian Working Holiday Visa: Sydney NSW

Why is this free?

I originally wrote books on this topic, selling the information but today I’ve decided to scrap these books and give the information away for free to FSG Travels to share.

I want to inspire as many people to start traveling as possible. Giving the Information on the Australian Working Holiday Visa will inspire more to change their life and that is my mission.

I am known as the Funny Backpacker and am completed my Australian Working Holiday in 2018 so all the information will be coming from a fellow Traveller.

I Will try to keep this up to date as possible, but please be aware things do change, please let me know if the post comes out of date!
Till then
This Is your A-Z For your new life in Australia.

Disclaimer: I’m from England so some viewpoints are from a traveler from England to Australia. But your smart and you’re able to work out how to do stuff yourself, using me as an example.

Nullarbor Desert
The long road of nothing: Nullarbor Desert SA

Not sure to travel or not?

As you are contemplating completely changing your life, what’s stopping you?

These are the most popular excuses people give and I will give you solutions to them one at a time

I haven’t got enough money

Luckily for you, I Have a whole blog About how to save up for this trip here, Want To Travel But You Can’t Save Money: How To Save Money To Travel ( It talks about getting a shit job with will help you save more, Weird Logic I know But I might help!)

I don’t know if it’s the right time.

What 90% of people mean by this is, life is easier if I don’t break out of my comfort zone and I’ll keep putting it off. If this is you, then traveling isn’t for you. You’re not adaptable to change. But if you are in the 10% that thinks life gets easier, it doesn’t so go on get your visa.

What about my job (or job prospects)?

What about them? If they are that good see how the other side of the world does it (get more experience). Secondly, life is not all about work; go get some life experience.

I don’t know how to get it started?

Well fuck me, you’re in the right place.

misery beach WA
A Place to be happy: Misery beach WA

Where in Australia and when?

So, you have decided you want to travel to Australia; that’s great. You are unsure where you want to go and when is the best time. Before booking flights to Darwin in the middle of summer let me give you some tips on where to look at and plan for.


If you are planning to spend at least one year in Oz, then I recommend leaving around September time. This is for many reasons, one being you get a double summer in the year, secondly you don’t jump straight in at the hottest time of the year meaning you die from the heat and thirdly your family and friends will hate the fact the temperature for you is getting warmer where you are, whilst they are freezing in the winter. Another thing to think about is flight costs. Any school holidays in either country will raise the prices of the flights. So July-August or Dec-Jan I would avoid. When it comes to paying for the flights January is a good idea due to sales.


Let’s say you take my advice and leave in September. Now you have to think of where. Your plans for once you arrive will really depend on where you are going to start. If you are planning to start preparing for the second-year visa by doing farm work (don’t worry, there is more on this later) I recommend Adelaide or Perth. If you are planning a road trip then Brisbane or Melbourne are good starting points (depending on your routes, which I can help with later). If you are planning on chilling and doing some touristy things, Sydney and Melbourne are your best bets. Finally, if you are planning to head for the nightlife, I would avoid Sydney.


Rottenest island quokka
Quokka (Fat Rat) : Rottenest island WA

Can I get a working holiday visa? (UK)

Before you get out your map and plan where you want to go whilst you’re working, you need to check if you are eligible for the visa. The website for this Please stick to the government website for booking and checking visa requirements as they are up to date and are normally the cheapest as you don’t pay a commission.

The requirements for the visa are as follows:

  • Hold a passport from an eligible country (which England is)
  • Must be between 18-30 years old (up to 36 years old in some countries)
  • Want to work and travel Australia for a year (hope you have worked this out already)
  • Have enough money to support yourself on the working holiday (around 5000 AUD)(This one is a requirement but it very vague, No one I know has been checked, plus it doesn’t state having a credit card isn’t allowed)
  • Buy a return ticket or be able to buy a ticket home
  • Don’t have a child dependant on you throughout your time in Australia
Find yourself in the middle of nowhere: Gingin WA

 Is Australia Expensive?

I’m going to pretend the $5000 AUD needed as part of the visa requirements is all on a credit card and you don’t want to spend it. So I want you to see roughly how much more you need to save up and here is a basic run down. I’m going to write this in dollars due to the exchange rate changing every day.


  • $440 upwards for the visa
  • $400 upwards one-way flight
  • $100-200 basic hotel room in a city
  • $30-50 night in a shared hostel
  • $5 upwards for a pint
  • $60 upwards for a meal out
  • $2000 a half decent old second-hand car
  • $1.39 (west) /1.49 (east) unleaded fuel (the Nullarbor is nearly $2 as it’s the fucking desert)
  • $3 baked beans on toast made by yourself in a hostel

It’s not so bad

Yes, shit’s expensive but remember your on an Australian working holiday visa so with a half decent job this isn’t too bad. Jobs pay upwards of $17(don’t take less).

I also advise having a backup source of money just in case, for example, a credit card (but don’t forget the pin as I did).

With these prices, you can work out how much money you will need.

What I have found is that it’s pretty easy to get a job if you actively look, and you should be able to get one within a week or two.

Rocks: Wollongong NSW
Little things keep you going: Wollongong NSW

How do I get the cheapest passports? (UK)

For Passports visit your local post office for details or

I’m not going into much detail about passports due to the fact the website explains a lot and you can’t get them cheaper (but you can pay more to get it faster). However, one bit of advice I will give is to make sure you have at least 3 years left on your passport before heading off, as you may catch the traveling bug and it would be shit to go home early or faff around with passport renewals.

Love this city: Melbourne Vic
Love this city: Melbourne Vic

How Do I get my 1st Australian Working Holiday Visa?

For Visa’s use the government website for the following reasons that I believe to be true:

  • Some “get your Visa here” websites are scams
  • They must apply for your Visa on your behalf and then make you pay for the privilege to wait longer
  • Other places cost more

The current Australian website for Visa’s is Using this link you can make your way to filling out the Visa application for the working holiday. Yes, this does involve some reading. But I personally rather that than someone charging me to read out the requirements to me in a shop.

The Visa should take up to 28 days to be completed and you get sent an email to say you have been accepted. But for myself, it was completed instantly, and I had a Visa within a couple of minutes.

Colour is Life, Life Is Colour:Kiama NSW
Colour is Life, Life Is Colour: Kiama NSW

Booking flights To Australia to save the most money

Make sure you get these 3 things in this order: passport, then Visa and THEN BUY FLIGHTS (this is very important, so I have put it in caps. I know some of the people reading this Article are, how do you say, dickheads.)

There are so many flights to and from Australia, So many ways of doing it. It really depends how adventurous you are, For example, why not book somewhere halfway for a couple of days, weeks or months. Don’t mind sleeping at an airport 42hour flight from London are Available.

Play around with dates, times, destinations, Split the journey, Do this with different websites

Here are a couple of websites (sometimes booking direct isn’t best) Some say do it in private mode as you do for the naughty stuff. Stops cookies and price raises

Once you Have done all this you can even ring them and see if they can better the deal. It might seem like a lot of effort but it can turn an $800 flight into a $400 flight within 2 hours. Saving you $200 dollars an hour!

No where like no where: Gundagai NSW
Nowhere like nowhere: Gundagai NSW

What items do I need to get ready for my trip?

Unless you are planning on going straight into the outback, there are shops so don’t worry too much. The key is not to overpack-you will be buying stuff out there. But saying this, things are easier to have with you rather than to buy when you arrive as there is a lot to see and do. You will need a large rucksack- 70litre capacity should be enough to fit everything in. The Key is Packing Light; Here is a list of everything you may need!

drop bear: Sydney NSW
drop bear: Sydney NSW

Do I need travel insurance?

Are you stupid? To answer both questions, yes. Have a look around for cheap travel insurance, use the comparison websites like and for good offers, make sure you get a years’ worth and have a look at what is covered, how it pays and how much excess you need to pay if you need to use it. Also, make sure you see what sports and activities it covers from horse riding to parachuting (depending on what you need it for) and just a note some insurances won’t pay out if you are drunk when an accident happens.

Another place to look is a place built for travelers

Insurance may pay out for delays, canceled flights, unable to go due to death in the family and other possibilities so it’s really a must.

Fremantle YHA Prison
Fremantle YHA Prison: Fremantle WA

 What can I do to prepare myself for the trip to Australia?

So, you are now ready for the trip. Passport ready, Australian working holiday Visa sorted, and flights booked. Probably just got to hand in your notice at work and plan some leaving parties for family and friends (make sure you get a copy of names, numbers and email addresses in a book to take with you just in case your phone breaks. Maybe home addresses too if you plan on sending some postcards! #oldskl).

Get a guarantor

I know this a strange thing to do but this one is actually very important; ask a friend or family member to be your ‘guarantor’. What I mean by this is have someone to help you out with money if shit hits the fan. I had to do this when I forgot the pin for my emergency bank card!

Sort out your home bank

Make sure you cancel any direct debits that need to be canceled prior to going and have access to your bank while you’re away in case of problems (you also need to inform your bank that you are going traveling so they know not to cancel your card because they think it is fraud).

Travel money

Getting a Travelcard might be the best bet for you before heading out to Australia and opening a bank account. This is a lot easier than carrying lots of cash.

I Would Recommend Transferwise Boredless card So simple to set up. I did it and it’s now my key item for any of my travels.

This is due to the fact their card can actually act as a bank, that employer can pay in too. One less thing to worry about when you’re in Australia. You can transfer your home currency safely into an international card with some of the best exchange rates around!

The app is really good at saving you money too. Well, it is if you’re like me and have notifications on reminding how much you just spent.

But there are many of other companies doing these travel cards so find the one that suits your needs

Driving license

Another thing you might want to think about is an international driving license. You can get one of these from the post office; they are not very expensive and only take 5 minutes. These might make your license valid in other countries. Australia is the country that is recommended (to my knowledge) and it’s only required in the Northern Territory. As I’ve never been there I wouldn’t know (it’s too fucking hot) but I still have an international driving license in case I need it. To this date I never have. So really, it’s your call.

Bondi Beach NSW
The busy beach in Australia: Bondi Beach NSW

How can I get things planned for arrival?

Now you need your plan for arrival and depending on your budget this is booking a Hotel or a Hostel. A good website is for Hotels and for Hostels you can go on These two websites are good to put as apps on your phone. You may want to stay in your change over country for a couple of days if you can afford to. If that’s the case, follow below but book both accommodations and enjoy your holiday before traveling Oz.

You’re good feel like shit

My advice when booking a place to stay on arrival is to remember you will feel like hell and you will need a shower and a sleep for around 11 hours straight. A 12-man Hostel room in the heart of the city would not be a clever idea. If you have the money, get a nice hotel with a check in time around the arrival time of your flight. The best place would be 10-20 minutes away from the airport to save money and not anywhere you really want to sightsee as you won’t want to walk anywhere, and the likelihood is you will see more of the bed in the room than the outside. Also, have a think about how you are getting from the airport to your accommodation. This could be public transport, Taxi or an Uber (but be advised Uber is not available everywhere in Australia.

Check-in online for your flight

You may be able to book in online and choose your seats; if you can do this you can choose the seat you want instead of what’s left, especially if there are two or more people as you can choose to sit together. Some airlines won’t allow this so just make sure you check in early.

looking out to Perth,Birds of Australia
Enjoy the views: kings park WA

Oh, shit it’s nearly time to leave for the airport, what have I forgot?

Get your shit together now, you are leaving life as you know it. Life will never be the same, you are traveling to the other side of the world! You have no job and all your worldly possessions are in a big backpack that you will carry around for the next 2 years (potentially). You nervous? Good.

Important shit

The things you might want in your hand luggage are your passport, Visa and any documents like travel insurance, hotel information and map from airport to the hotel (google maps is good for this).

Try and avoid taking any liquids through the airport, you can buy liquid in the duty-free. This will save you time as well as avoiding getting your anal cavity searched if you get the 100ml size wrong.

Stuff for the plane

You need some entertainment for the plane, a hard copy book and leave it in a Hostel when you finish it. The reason why I say buy a hard copy is the fact that when I got on my flight to Oz they said no phones allowed (plus if you buy both copies I make more money). As well as entertainment in your bag it might be a good idea to have a change of clothes, as the long flights and maybe a long wait in between flights might mean you start to pong. You can, therefore, change clothes before you change flights which is a good idea and you will be much more comfortable.

Clean clothes?

Double check everything has been packed in your bag and everything is clean, as now your mum isn’t doing your washing and to be fair washing machines may cost you time and money as well as hunting for them if you’re not in a Hostel.

Don’t over-pack! Make sure to check with the airline website to see what baggage allowance you have, check this out online… Even if you do have a large baggage allowance don’t overfill your bag as you will die carrying it around. Think ahead, think smart.

Make sure you give yourself plenty of time before your flight, as in 3-5 hours. Better to be early than late.

The sights from the zoo:Taronga Zoo NSW
The sights from the zoo: Taronga Zoo NSW

Help me I’m at the airport, what do I do now?

So, you’re at the airport and you have 4 hours to kill. You’re not sure where to go, how to get through security and your worried about things that are not going to happen.

First things first, check the TV screen and see what it says next to your flight (the time of the flight and the name of the change-over airport). It’s probably blank and others above it say to go to check in. If you are at London Heathrow this means you find the Café Nero, get yourself a drink and have a rest. Don’t panic, you’re at the airport in plenty of time.

Don’t be late

If you’re at the airport late, well you’re a fucking idiot. Stop reading this site, now run motherfucker!

Where to go?

The TV screen will tell you where to check in, but if you’re not able to work shit out using the TV screens there is an information desk you can use to find out where to go.  Once you are there at the check-in, you may be told to go elsewhere to the oversized bags area if your bag is a backpack (don’t worry this is normal). If you don’t great.

Now time to head to security, don’t panic just read the signs and don’t do anything stupid.

Well done you made it through, didn’t get searched and your anal cherry is intact (or not, depending on things in your personal life).

Now, look at the lovely duty-free, which you can’t buy anything from as you have nowhere to put stuff in your bag and you don’t want to carry it with you for the next year or so. Now get yourself some snacks at the overpriced stores and another drink while you wait for your gate number to come up.

Gate number is up; great… walk there, you peasant. Unless you bought the 1st class flights then get that stupid caddie thing and walk down your red carpet onto the plane, but not before you wait in your VIP room.

So, for everyone else you need to wait at the gate until you are called on the plane, wasn’t that simple. Enjoy the next 8 to 11 hours on your first flight.

Tips for avoiding jet lag!

Make sure you eat and drink lots of water and depending on the flight times sleep, or sleep on your second flight. Have a plan. This helps with the jet lag.

If you have a cross overflight

So, you have arrived in China, Singapore or somewhere else, time to work out where to go for your next flight. Your bags will be transferred to the next plane for you, but you will have to go through security as soon as you get off the plane. You don’t need to worry about where you are going next too much as a lot of the people will be going the same way. There will be two queues; onward travel and no further travel. You want the onward travel, this will take you in the duty-free bit of the airport (depending on the airport, sometimes the duty-free is right next to the gate just to confuse you). Head to your gate if your number is on the TV (you’re looking for the Australian city and flight time), if not go get yourself another drink.

Get to the gate, and on the plane the same way. Yes, you probably feel like shit- remember to walk around the plane every so often to stop yourself getting the ‘cankles’ as this can be very dangerous and painful. But other than that, relax and make sure you are ready for arrival to Australia.

Blue lake no filter : Mount Gambier SA
Blue lake no filter: Mount Gambier SA

I’m about to land in Australia, what do I do?

Firstly, well done! You made it to your flights and your plane is about to touch down in Australia. You’re not so stupid after all, but I bet you are a smelly motherfucker who wants to find a corner and curl up in a ball. On the flight or just after touching down, you will receive a form to state that you either have nothing to declare or something to declare. Make sure you go through this carefully and answer all questions correctly as if you don’t this could lead to you getting a flight right back to England (the form is self-explanatory).

The officials at the airport will check this form, your visa and passport so make sure you have all the right documents to hand (While you do this, you might as well make sure all your hotel documents are handy as well as your maps/plans to get to the hotel). When you get your passport checked you can ask them to stamp your passport; I’m normally too pussy to do this as I want to get out of the airport as quickly as possible.

Now collect your bag off the carousel and head out of the airport making sure you use the right exit i.e. nothing to declare or something to declare. Again, this is quite self-explanatory due to the form you had to fill out on the plane at the customs. Show your visa, declaration forms and voila, you are free!

Get to your hotel

Hopefully, you have your plan to hand, so follow it and get either a taxi, bus, train or walk to your chosen destination. Get to your hotel as soon as possible because if you don’t feel like shit now, you will very shortly. If you haven’t got a plan, well, you’re a fucking idiot! Jump in one of the taxi’s that wait at the front of the airport and ask them to take you to a local hotel or hostel depending on how much money you have.

Right! You have made it to the hotel/hostel and you have checked in. Go have a shower and check the time, making sure to try and keep to your new body clock. Eat when it’s lunch time and sleep when it’s night time (yes you feel like hell, but this will help you the next day). Oh and make sure you drink plenty of water.

Wollongong lookout
lookout Below: Wollongong NSW

I’m in a new country, where do I go?

So, it’s the next day and you have contacted your family to tell them that you’re alive and well. Or not, if you happen to have no WIFI (if this is the case McDonald’s is a safe bet for free WIFI). Your shower Phresh (that’s fresh with a PH) and ready to take on the new world (your new world, as a backpacker!). So, you want to go somewhere but you have no Google maps (due to not having an Oz phone) and it feels like you are in a dark, scary time before smartphones. Luckily for you, you chose to stay at a half decent hotel/ hostel and at the reception they are extremely friendly, and give you maps for the local area, the main city, bus times and where the train station is.

Did you end up in a shithole?

What, your hotel was a shithole? Wasn’t like the pictures and that relaxing spa in the room was more like a hobo’s bathtub? Well, luck is still on your side as you can understand English, and you took my advice about booking somewhere 10/20 mins away from the city. You need to find your way to the nearest town or city and find the information center (or visitor center). These buildings are hard to miss (they have a massive ‘I’ on the building and are signposted a lot). In this building, the person behind the counter will give you information about the local area (who would of fucking guessed) which includes free maps, things-to-do, jobs (more on this in a later book) and even some postcards.

A little tip every time you head to a new place: the visitor centers can be a great place to find out about all the hidden gems that may just get missed on the internet.

Rainbow lorikeet : Fremantle WA
Rainbow lorikeet: Fremantle WA

How do I get my foreign phone to work in Australia?

Time to sort your phone out. This will probably be the 1st real decision you need to make while you are in Australia; Optus or Telstra? (or Vodaphone). These 2 (3) are the biggest networks in Australia. Before I carry on just a reminder that I say things that I think are true and these are personal opinions of someone who has only used one network in Australia. The phone network I currently use is Optus, and I can tell you I have had a good service with them and their network from Sydney to Albany. The exception to this being the whole journey through the Nullarbor (where Telstra apparently has signal).

A tip given to me is if you are planning on staying in cities (flying in-between) then choose Optus. But if you’re planning on road tripping then choose Telstra. The price on both is quite competitive, so my tip is if there is 2 of you go for one of each. Yes, this might be more agg but it can be worth it.

Unlocking your phone

‘My phone isn’t unlocked, what do I do?’

You have 3 good options, number one, guess it’s time to buy a new phone #Newcountrynewphone

Number 2, phone up, email and get hold of your phone provider to unlock your phone.

Number 3, eBay … Yes eBay, people on there have ways of unlocking your phone. They will ask you for a couple of bits of info on your phone. In a day or so they come back with the code to unlock your phone.

Costa Berries Gingin WA
Farm work can be beautiful, Might it be only in photo’s: Gingin WA

Travel Card (public transport)- do I need one?

Yes, you probably do if you plan to use public transport for longer than one day (due to cost and convenience).

When I say Travel cards I mean the card that you top up to use on trains and buses. Here is a link for all the main states/cities and all the relevant cards:

NSW, Opal (buses, trains and the ferry) Free Card, top up with the amount, deducts the fee for each journey

Available in most 7-Eleven stores

South Australia (bus, train, and light rail) Metro Card, $5 plus deducts a fee on each journey

Available at some convenience stores

Queensland (not Cairns) (bus, train, tram, and ferry) GO card, also deducts a fee each journey

Available at most 7- Eleven stores

Victoria (bus, train, and tram) Myki, $6 for the card

Available at train stations

Perth (WA) (bus, train, and ferry) Smart Rider $10 for the card

Available at Newsagents

Secret places are the best:Cave Beach NSW
Secret places are the best: Cave Beach NSW

How do I set up a bank, Tax file number and how do I send money home?

Well, I wrote a really good blog on these questions. Sorting Out Money On Your WHV In Australia ( TFN, Banks, and Transfers)

but in short,

The bank doesn’t matter too much if you go for the big 4. – For you Tax Number (TFN)

Transferwise -transferring money this one of the easiest and normally the cheapest, Was a fan of Paypal but they stitched me up when came to getting my money back for my Super account.

Beach views having a beer: Cronulla NSW
Beach views having a beer: Cronulla NSW

What are jobs like in Australia, Pay, Super and does my Australian working holiday visa hold me back?

You might be coming to Australia like a lot of people to get rich like a lot of people. But is it even possible?

I guess so, but doing this is a lot harder than you might think. The minimum wage is much higher than a lot of countries, But getting a full-time job is a lot harder. There is a lot of casual work. On top of all this your on an Australian Working Holiday visa, Which but a couple of restrictions on you like. not allowed to hold a job for over 6 months and having to farm work for the second year.

Just remember your a backpacker so your tax will be higher!

Saying all this the best jobs you are probably in a bar or hospitality. If you have never worked in a bar before or an expert, This a How To Get A Bar Job In Australia (Getting an RSA and RCG)


You probably want to know what a super account is, well its an extra 9.5% on top of your pay that goes in to account for retirement. But as you wouldn’t be retiring in Australia you will need to apply for that back just before you leave. But more on that later( Scroll down). To set a super account it is simply signing a document that your 1st workplace gives you. If you want to find your own super you can but if your lazy like me keep the 1st one you get and give that membership number and details to all your future jobs

Getting up early has its rewards: Sydney NSW

How to work your 88 days (6 months Farm Work) to get your second (Third) Australian Working Holiday Visa?

Is doing 88 days (6 months )on a farm really worth that second (third)  year Australian working holiday visa? I say No!

Let me just quickly explain why I think that, you will spend most of your time in Australia worrying when and where to do the farm work. Then doing it will be extremely hard, Some places are cons and some don’t have the whole 88 days. There are many horror stories about the farms, then on top of all that you need to pay for your second year.

This is what Costa berries farm was like for me to work there  Costa Berries Gingin- The truth behind the 88-day farm work!

But I haven’t put you off I wrote an Article about the 88 days farm work- What’s 88 Days Farm Work Like?- Australian Working Holiday Requirement Even gives you tips on getting a job. Do you need to know what to pack for farm work? Check out this Article What do I need for Farm Work (88 days 2nd-year visa requirement)

trade 88 days of life work another year? :Albany WA
trade 88 days of life, to stay another year? : Albany WA

How to get a car and plan an Epic Road Trip

Getting a car and learning all the different laws was the trickiest thing for me But the reward is amazing. You can go on the most epic road trips, Which is the best way of seeing Australia.

How to buy a car?

Before purchasing any car make sure you can get a mechanic to look over it! Know the laws of your state, when it next needs tax (rego).

State laws on cars

These laws can be a bit confusing, so before buying a car try and talk to others. (NSW) (VIC) (QLD) (TAS) (NT) (WA)

Please Beware trying to register a car to a different state can be a nightmare

Epic :sydney NSW
Epic Amounts of crowds: Sydney NSW

What are hostels like in Australia?

Never been to a hostel before don’t worry it’s nothing like the film hostel! Hostels are normally quite relaxed home hubs of backpackers. The usual set up for hostels is as followed;

  • Large shared kitchen ( you can tell a bad hostel from the state of the kitchen)
  • A common room
  • Shared dorms
  • Bathrooms
  • A couple of Private rooms
  • Job board/ Car Board
  • Laundry machines
  • Shared fridges
  • Activities throughout the week. (free dinners to goon nights)

In Australia, a dorm room can cost anything from $15 a Night to $35

Never stayed in a hostel before checking out the Everything you need to about hostel

Pelican : Fremantle WA
Pelican: Fremantle WA

How to Get your Second Year Australian Working Holiday Visa?

Another simple one here, follow the link, add the details of your farm work (should be on a bit of paper you received after working 88 days) then pay the money.

Use the government website!

This one normally takes a bit longer to get approved, You might have to have an interview but this is ultra-rare. If your Second Year Australian Working holiday visa turn up before your last visa expires they will put you on a bridging visa ( I had this Nothing to worry about, Just means you can stay in the country and work but they haven’t approved your second year yet) My visa took nearly a month to be approved, Taylor’s was done in a day.

Dolphins Rottnest Island
Dol-phin he saw us: Rottnest Island WA

How to file your tax

So many people in Australia use accountants to file their tax but doing it yourself can be super easy. (some don’t bother) I say make sure you do you tax because I got $1000’s back so it worth the 30 minutes it takes to enter your data.

You will need your payment summaries with all employers Which you should receive around mid-July. Once you have received them (some even enter the details for you online) Go to Follow the instructions you will need to phone them at one point to open your phone but if you follow or the details or just phone them right away they will be able to help you!

Nobbys lighthouse : Newcastle NSW
Nobbys lighthouse: Newcastle NSW

Must see places in Australia!

  • Sydney (Because you have too)
  • Phillip Island (penguins)
  • Mount Gambier (blue lake)
  • Fremantle (Cool Town)
  • Rottnest Island (Quokkas)
  • Nullarbor (See the Desert on an awesome road trip)
  • Jervis Bay ( Beautiful national parks and the whitest beach in the world)
Australian kookaburra : Kings Park WA
Australian Kookaburra : Kings Park WA

How to Sort out your super cash back!

You spend up to two years working your arse off, While you have been working money has been piling up into a super account! This might be one of the biggest cons for Backpackers, due to the fact to get the money out you are going to be taxed out your arse. Everyone wants a bit of this money.

The requirements to claiming your super back are you are out of the country without a valid visa (can’t be from New Zealand or Australia)

If you have under $5000 in your super account this process is “Super” simple. It’s simply filling out a couple of forms online and getting copies of bank statments

Over $5000 you will need to prove you are you. By going to going to the Australian embassy and paying money to get a signed photocopy of your passport. A lot of other hoops to jump through… they really don’t want to give you your money back. Just apply for this money right away or it becomes a mission to get it back.  DASP forms – They recommend starting this process in Australia ( I still don’t know how this is possible)

I might write a full article of this subject soon.

Middleton Beach WA
Just enjoy sun, sea sand and s..: Middleton Beach WA

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  3. This guide is fantastic! I get questions from travelers all the time looking to do just this. I also love that you included Phillip Island as a must-do in Australia. I visited a few years ago and the penguins were my favorite part!

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  5. Good detailed guide on the visa, but for me I am passed my sell-by-date to do this. Even harder now I got wife, kid, mortgage etc….ugh. Can I just retire to Oz instead of working there? 😀

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