Australian chocolate

Taylor’s thoughts on Australian Chocolate

Australian Chocolate Sucks

If there’s one thing to be said about Australian chocolate, it’s that it totally sucks compared to the UK stuff!

Chocolate Bits

The Main Offender

The main offender over here is Cadbury’s. Apparently they put an agent in it which stops it melting so quickly. This actually just makes it really dry. The closest relation to it taste wise is advent calendar chocolate. Though even that tastes better than the stuff Cadbury’s put out.

Why Is The UK Better?

The chocolate in the UK for a starter isn’t in danger of melting so much as Australian chocolate is. Our temperatures are so much cooler! The actual texture of the chocolate is smoother. It’s way more creamy too.

Cheeky Supermarkets

One main brand we have been missing out here is Galaxy chocolate! The supermarkets have a section where you can buy foods from other countries. Mind you, there’s stuff in the UK section I’ve never seen in the UK…However you will find galaxy bars there. If you’re going to go backpacking and you love galaxy don’t get excited. It’s still not the genuine article.

Recent Joys

Sean’s grandparents recently went to the UK and they brought back two huge bars of Cadbury and Galaxy chocolate. After over a year without it we wondered if we had imagined how poor Australian chocolate is. It was not a drill. The UK stuff was AMAZING!!

So There’s No Decent Stuff?!

Don’t panic. Australia do Aero/Snickers/Twix bars too. They taste pretty legit, but then they have other flavours in too which mask the quality of the other chocolate. Still, Aero bars are still my go-to for the remainder of our time in Oz! We made a video comparing UK and Australian chocolate.

You can check out our video

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