Australian VS English Chocolate – Why You Should Pack Chocolate for Your Trip

English vs Australian Chocolate

If you are planning to travel from or to Australia, You need to know whether English Chocolate or Australian Chocolate. Let’s just say if you’re packing your bag for one of these countries you better pack some chocolate with you, and if you’re going the other way, go on a diet before leaving.

If you are reading this Article my guess is your one of three things, Chocolate lover, hungry or extremely bored. Doesn’t matter what the reason is I will satisfy that urge. I going to quickly state, this is not the best article, but if you keep reading you could win yourself some chocolate!

For guys who don’t know me, Im Sean Brett AKA the funny backpacker and I love talking shite.


brown chocolate bar


Which is better English Chocolate or Australian?

Straight up, no doubt about it English chocolate is much greater is every test than Australian chocolate! The way it melts, the way it tastes and the way it gives you that warm sensation. Australian chocolate is dry and taste like advent calendar chocolate, nasty and cheap.

The test

Being from England, Some would say this test was biased but anyone who believes Australian chocolate is better is crazy!The test involved matching Australian brand chocolate to English Chocolate of the same brand. Eaten one after another and then rated what one was better.

If you would like to see this taste test video it is available below;

This video seemed to do extremely well on YouTube and was the first taste test video we made. ( I really don’t know why the video bored me…)

Taylor’s thoughts on Australian Chocolate

If there’s one thing to be said about Australian chocolate, it’s that it totally sucks compared to the UK stuff!

The Main Offender

The main offender over here is Cadbury’s. Apparently, they put an agent in it which stops it melting so quickly. This actually just makes it really dry. The closest relation to it taste wise is advent calendar chocolate. Though even that tastes better than the stuff Cadbury’s put out.

Why Is The UK Better?

The chocolate in the UK for a starter isn’t in danger of melting so much as Australian chocolate is. Our temperatures are so much cooler! The actual texture of the chocolate is smoother. It’s way more creamy too.

Cheeky Supermarkets

One main brand we have been missing out here is Galaxy chocolate! The supermarkets have a section where you can buy foods from other countries. Mind you, there’s stuff in the UK section I’ve never seen in the UK…However you will find galaxy bars there. If you’re going to go backpacking and you love galaxy don’t get excited. It’s still not the genuine article.

Recent Joys

Sean’s grandparents recently went to the UK and they brought back two huge bars of Cadbury and Galaxy chocolate. After over a year without it we wondered if we had imagined how poor Australian chocolate is. It was not a drill. The UK stuff was AMAZING!!

So There’s No Decent Stuff?!

Don’t panic. Australia do Aero/Snickers/Twix bars too. They taste pretty legit, but then they have other flavours in too which mask the quality of the other chocolate. Still, Aero bars are still my go-to for the remainder of our time in Oz! We made a video comparing UK and Australian chocolate.

Win chocolate

If you are still reading this, and you would like to win some English chocolate, leave your best chocolate pun in the comment section and I’ll be in touch if you win. I want a chocolate pun that is out of this world! Further than Mars and the Milkway. This pun must make me laugh I want more than a snicker. I don’t mind how rude you go with these puns too!

Talking of puns, if you want to read some adult puns, check out my other blogs

Just a warning they get a little extreme!

Thanks for reading

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