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Are England’s Trains Outdated?- Not good for travelers!

Are Trains In England Any Good For Travelers?

Thinking of traveling around England? Well, Don’t plan to use the trains and underground often. This article is the reasons why I think trains are terrible for people planning to travel around England. I will be giving you the reasons why I feel the trains are outdated and how I would suggest traveling England.

Disclaimer: I have to mention these are my own personal opinions (Using Facts) for legal reason. Your opinions can differ.

Trains England East Anglia

East Anglia Train

My Reasons why you should try and avoid trains

This isn’t an all-out moan on the just train system in England, But I have to start somewhere. Traveling England is a hard job due to bad public transport!

I do personally use the trains when traveling but not out of choice and try to limit the amount of time and costs spent due to these reasons.

The Cost of Train Tickets

If the price was better, everything below this would be understandable and easy to deal with.

If you are thinking (hoping) the cost of England public transport is the same or lower as a country with a much higher average wage, like Australia you will be mistaken.

In Australia, Wollongong to Newcastle on Sunday will cost around £1.40 ($A2.50) that’s around 140 miles (230 km). Where Witham To Braintree would cost around £4.90 ($A8.50) for a journey of a size of only 7 miles (11 km)

It’s embarrassing, to look at the stats and I would love to say the price of trains is much better for longer distances but this isn’t true. London to Manchester around 200 miles (321 Km) would set you back £88.60 ($A157). That’s the Off-Peak too

Thinking there might be great price caps, good discounts and other great things like other countries do, again you are mistaken. There are some, but nothing even worth writing about.

Train Ticket- Witham To Braintree

Rush Hour

Rush hour(s) you might think, 8-9 is rush hour and all you have to do it grit your teeth and bare the traffic of people. This isn’t the case.

Monday -Friday The trains can be busy from 6-10 am and 5-8pm this means you might have to stand for your whole journey if you travel within this time. On top of all this, they charge you more for the privilege of being packed in like sardines. The peak time tickets cost more.


Some say the free papers at stations give you more value for your money, I say it looks messy. Who’s reading newspapers now anyways? These newspapers end up all over the floors and on the empty seats.

I’m not just being picky about newspapers, I want to state how messy and how run down the trains look. Worn seats, marks up walls, and just bad cleaning.

Trains England East Anglia

The white marks over walls.Looks like one of the newer trains too.

For the amount of money your paying you want the seat clean you.


Are the trains unsafe? Well apart from once, I was about to leave the train and it closed on my head, due to faulty doors. I haven’t had any other issues. But saying this I don’t really feel safe at night on these trains there very little transport police on trains or any like that.

Every time I have got the last train home, it would have at least one of two drunks that you feel weary around.

Delays and Cancelations

I have to be careful how I word this, but I feel personally there are a lot of delays and cancellations when I am looking at getting the train. Maybe it’s just bad luck?

Limited destinations and Travel Times

Trains in England use to have much better routes, but they have closed stations and made someplace quite hard to get to. You can get to main cities via the trains but sometimes it’s not very direct… You normally pay for the number of miles on the tracks, not the direct route.

Best ways to travel without keep taking a train

You will quickly realize that England public transport isn’t much better than the trains… Don’t get me started on the buses!

Car and Car Hire

If you are planning on traveling around England, a car is the best options. You get to see the little villages and towns. You can whenever you want!

If you want to hire a car here is a list of places to get a car from;

Push Bikes

Not planning on going to far a bike is the best option as its free and easy to get from A to B


Everyone like a hike, though the English Countryside, Why not join them?


I would try to avoid Buses, due to the dirtiness and bad routes.


The taxis in England will cost you an arm and a leg. Avoid if possible!

Thank you for reading

I hope you found this blog helpful and you do still plan to visit England!

It’s an amazing country and I love to write about it. If you want to read more about England have a look around the site.

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