Story of a Wanky Travel Blogger

Let’s Talk About Wanky Bloggers – Are All Bloggers Dicks?

Are all Bloggers dicks?

(not all Bloggers, But the people refer to them self as a ‘Blogger’)

If I’m including myself in this question, the Answer would be yes!

All jokes aside I have a really great story about a travel blogger while working at the YHA Fremantle. He was a dick! You Probably noticed I waited to post this story after I left this job, As it’s not good to write stories about customers while working!

It was just another day in the reception

It might have been a Saturday or Wednesday… The day didn’t matter! It was another average Afternoon checking people in, dealing with little problems like vending machine refunds and lost keys!

Until… Let’s call him Mr. Ger, Blo Ger.

Mr. Ger came into the reception around 9 pm wanting to check in to his room, Full of life. Screwing up my normal routine

The normal check-in

Every check it would run like a script.

They arrive at the counter, Ask to check in or depending on there English “here room, now, Book, Internet, yes”

I will reply with hey, “Can I see your I.d, Passport, Driving license?”

Then while they are going through the biggest bag they have searching  Passport “How’s your day going, where you traveling from or something else to change it up”

Then I take details, payments and give them the keys show them the room on the map and crack the same joke about wifi and then say have a great time in prison.

Back to Mr. Ger

So he comes in doesn’t ask to check in,  He starts asking me about tours, But in a trick question way.

“Do have any tours” Mr. Ger

“Yeah, All the information are over there” Me

“Yeah I Can See that, But do you have the tour that sees the rocks” MR Ger

(yes he asked if we have tours that show rocks)

“The pinnacles tour” ME

“Nope Rocks” Mr. Ger

After this very boring a weird conversation, I kinda explained if it not over there we don’t do it. When He laughed at me, “You don’t Know what tours you do”.

At this point, I just agreed and yeah him off.

Turns out the guy was also checking in, But he still hadn’t told me this, Due to the fact he was explaining he is a tour guide (Bet his tours are fucking exciting! look over there your see rocks!) and then moved on to tell me he was a travel blogger!

At this point, I hadn’t met someone who referred to themselves as a travel blogger. I don’t feel like I was missing out now!

So I tried to run through my normal check-in routine, but with him dropping his blog ever 5 seconds. He was like “check  it out, here is the site, it’s in German but you can get google to translate it, It’s not the best translation as it googles”

Still yeahing him off, I was a little intrigued until. He was like ” Oh, I’m in a dorm room, not a cell?”

“you paid for a dorm, that’s where you check into” ME

“But I’m a travel blogger (probably 26th he told me), If I wanted a normal dorm room I would have stayed at another hostel, I want to blog about being in prison”

” I can upgrade you but you will have to pay X amount” ( For a travel blogger, His planing was shit!)

“Can’t I have it free I’m a Travel blogger ( 27th time) ”

“No, Unless you already spoke to management here and agreed with them. It’s a bit last minute it’s gone half 9 (it’s taken over half hour to check this guy in) ”

“come on check out my blog, It’s really good I’ve been blogging for years. Ring your boss, he will give me an upgrade, he will want a blog about here, I have 2000 followers on all my social media”

(Time for me to play who has the biggest penis)

“Oh right, I have a social media following over 10,000and  I wrote a blog recently about here, What your Domain Authority score?”

He quickly shut up, now knowing I know what I’m talking about. “I Don’t know what a Domain Authority is”

I kindly looked it up for him, A score of 8, I explained” at least a 30 is needed to be even thought of getting anything free”

After shutting him down, I let him have a look at the room he wanted to stay in… Because I’m not a complete dick. But fuck me this guy was annoying and luckily he went on the rock tour the next day, at 6 am. ( he already planned this tour, but still wanted to quiz me on it, Still, to this day I don’t where the rock tour went)

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Spent 2 years “traveling” on a WORKING holiday visa in Australia…Decided that before he goes home he needs to spend a week in Bali to “find” himself.
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