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Ireland Puns

These are the best Irish puns available on the internet, I will challenge anyone who disagrees with that statement to a pun off. These puns are brilliant for anyone who is looking at traveling around Ireland and need some funny captions for Instagram or other social media.

Just a warning these puns start off very weak, then move on to extreme. The extremely adult puns might make you cry but I am willing to take that risk. If you enjoy them or want to add to them leave a comment at the bottom.

Adult Ireland Puns

Light Ireland Puns

  • Irish, I was Irish.
  • Wouldn’t swim in the river it looks a little bit Liffey
  • UK? Not quite
  • When in Ireland use your common Cents
  • Guinness your money!
  • Nights out in the Temple Bar can be Oscar Wilde
  • Most Irish thing since brown bread
  • Some of these puns are leprechaun’ny
  • I really love Gaelic bread
  • Hey Penny
  • I Spire to be in Dublin
  • Walk Galway from me Bay, You don’t want to get hurt.

Medium Ireland Puns

  • Are you from Ireland? Because when I look at you my penis is Dublin
  • These cliffs always have people on top of them, Just like your Moher
  • Galway Hookers are great fun
  • Cork It!
  • Irish Love their folking music.
  • U2 are twats

Extreme Ireland Puns

  • I love to have a piss the Gal-way
  • Waking up in the hostel, the last thing you want to see is the Ring of Kerry
  • Sorry it went over your face, it came out my Belfast
  • Fuck her hard, Really Claddagh Ring

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As before mentioned if you have any you would like to add then just leave them in the comments. I hope you enjoyed the puns and found the perfect one for your Instagram.

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