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Europe Puns

Puns For Everywhere in Europe

These are the best puns for Europe on the internet. Please note these are Adult puns and I am not responsible for people with no sense of humor. Turn away now, this is your last chance! These are dirty jokes.

Before I get to the puns, because most will read and just leave ( how rude!) I want to give a reason get to know me. I am the Funny Backpacker and I have a lot of different puns and travel-related articles so make sure you check me out at the end.

Adult EU Europe Puns

General European Puns

I think the euro is shit but I would love to hear your 2 cent

Albania Puns

Don’t shit talk Europe in the comments or Albania

Andorra Puns

I went on a skiing holiday the hotel had nice windows Andorra

Austria Puns

How to tell the difference between Australia and Austria:  Australia has the best ice cream but Austria has Vienna

Belarus Puns

Want to go to Belarus but plane tickets cost a Minsk

Belgium Puns

My farts stink after visiting Belgium, I Blame Brussels

Bosnia and Herzegovina Puns

I think I caught a Sti in Bosnia Its called Herzegovina

Bulgaria Puns

Never let Sofia wax  your balls you end up with a Bulgaria

Croatia Puns

Croatia me a Jumper

Cyprus Puns

Don’t find your girl in Cyprus as Nicosia

Czechia Puns

When packing for Prague make sure you Czech you have enough condoms

Denmark Puns

Going to fuck dave, Denmark

Estonia Puns

When fucking in Estonia make sure you throw a Tallinn

My brother punched me in Estonia I’m totally Tallinn

Finland Puns

This place is shit no dolphins or sharks last time to Finland

France Puns

Brought a girl home last night me and my boy did the Eiffel tower

Saw some streaking down the streets in Paris, I got a right Eiffel

Georgia Puns

Met a girl called Georgia loves vampire sex … it’s pretty Gori

Germany Puns

How many times do you want anal sex tonight? Nein! I’ll probably only make 7

The weather might be cold, But I’m Berlin hot

Puns about German food are the wrust

Greece Puns

Never go in dry with a girl from Athens, make sure you Greece it first

Hungary Puns

A girl from Budapest bite my nob, She was Hungary

Iceland Puns

Wanking is agaianst law in Iceland… In fact, it’s banned in Tesco too

Ireland Puns

Some of these puns are leprechaun’ny

Galway Hookers are great fun

Sorry it went over your face, it came out my Belfast

Italy Puns

My Italy girlfriend is on the larger size, can’t get anything pasta

Kosovo Puns

Priss-tina loves Cock

Latvia Puns

Shes got a nice Latvia

Liechtenstein Puns

Not saying everyone from Lichtenstein are chubby chasers but they love Vaduz

Lithuania Puns

Not saying I’m kinky but love a Lithuania battery up to my arse

Luxembourg Puns

Not saying Luxembourg city is best but they named the whole country after it.

Malta Puns

Not saying I got a lot of pubes in my mouth but she really is a Malta

Moldova Puns

I No I sucked you off but can I Chisinau

Monaco Puns

Not sure who to fuck, Monte or Carlo

Montenegro Puns

Thats a nice Kotor you have there

Netherlands Puns

Bitches everywhere, i’m in Ho-land

North Macedonia (formerly Macedonia) Puns

I’m a Mace-donia of orgasms

Norway Puns

Met a girl from Oslo asked to stick in her arse and she said “Norway!”

Poland Puns

These puns could do with a bit of polish

Portugal Puns

Let’s just say if I had a USB for a dick I would Portugal

Romania Puns

The from Transylvania know more than how to suck blood

Russia Puns

I don’t mean to Russia but my wife will be home in ten minutes

San Marino Puns

You have 3 options in San Mariano: Monte, Tit, or  Ano.

Serbia Puns

They have a weird tradition in Serbia they Belgrade, Mines a 5

Slovakia Puns

Hate driving around Bratislava in a Slow-Arse-Kia

Slovenia Puns

Shes Ljubljana, But most just no her as anna

Spain Pun

What time Spain do you recommend to travel to Madrid

Sweden Puns

Got kidnapped in Sweden now have Stockholm syndrome

Switzerland Puns

Alp me, I’m stuck on a mountain

Turkey Puns

The girls in Turkey are fowl

Ukraine Puns

Do you even Ukraine Bro?

United Kingdom (UK) Puns

England is full of thieving bastards all them are Luton

Man-Chester that was a good fuck

Do you just want to kiss? Nor-lets-folk

Vatican City (Holy See) Puns

I think I might have to Pope to the Vatican City

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