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England Puns

Adult England Puns For Instagram

Here we go again, This time with England Puns! The Punny Backpacker is back with more amazing Puns. This time my home country of England gets the FSG Travels treatment.

I have to give the same warnings as every one of my pun blogs, This may seem like a nice sweet article then BOOM Drop Kicking old ladies downstairs. You might already know me from such blogs as Australia puns, Travel Puns, Perth puns, and Beach Puns. If so you already know hows these puns go. If not take your time and proceed with care!


Light England Puns

  1. Don’t be a queen
  2. Dam girl you Es-Sexxy
  3. Sad day at the church they had to Bury St Edmunds
  4. You have really Lon-done it now
  5. Let me run you a Bath
  6. That fire is going out Stoke it
  7. Put your hand’s ups I have a Bristol
  8. U K?
  9. Jenny don’t be Hastings
  10. Is that a New-Castle? or just old like the rest of the buildings here
  11. Margate is stuck
  12. Don’t mess with my Crewe

England Pun

Medium England Puns

  1. England is full of thieving bastards all them are Luton
  2. I hate England it’s a right shit Hull
  3. I was Thames-ted to drop kick that toddler but I Didn’t
  4. Can I play with your South-end?

England Pun

Extreme England Puns

  1. Why do you need a Bedford, Fuck me in the shower
  2. That cock is really big Ben
  3. After chopping up 20 bodies it was a right Liver-pool
  4. Man-Chester that was a good fuck
  5. Ply-My-Mouth hard
  6. You up for a 3som, Milton is Keynes
  7. Do you just want to kiss? Nor-lets-folk
  8. Shit! What was Stevens-age

England Pun

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