38 Adult Beach Puns- These Beaching Travel Puns For Instagram

Adult Beach Puns

Beach puns

These are some of the best travel and funny beach puns, just a warning the puns get dirtier the low you go!

If you are looking for travel puns directly for Australia check out the link.


Light beach puns

  1. Beaches be hot!
  2. Lifes a beach
  3. Beach, please!
  4. Did you sea that pun?
  5. Don’t ever tide stuff from beaches they sea everything
  6. Whale, don’t say I didn’t Warm you
  7. Sun of a beach
  8. When climbing rocks on beaches be careful of sandy cracks
  9. Suns out, puns out
  10. Any who seen my glass’, There Sunwhere
  11.  Bloody shell ,Your a beach
  12. Did you just wave at me
  13. Don’t spill the lagoon
  14. I love thongs on beaches

Medium beach puns

  1. How was the beach last night? She was quite ship.
  2. You you think your gull friend will give it up tonight, I’m not shore
  3. Knee weak, his palms are sandy
  4. shorelly your not going to that beaches house!
  5. Shelly and Sandy are favourite beaches
  6. Did you watch that prawn last night? Dolphin-k that beach had a clue
  7. That beach went down on me last night, it was about tide.
  8. Beaches got crabs
  9. lets go down on our beaches
  10. lets just say I was moving my hand down the coastline and I found a flipper!
  11. oh man, she a dog beach
  12. I took her home and rocked it on the seabed

Extreme beach puns

  1. My bouyfriend and his mate had me in sandwich
  2. That bitch was a little bit fishy
  3. I dolphin-k i’m abubble to come
  4. Want to double team that beach? Foreshore
  5. I was messing around on my beach yesterday, next thing you know sperm-whale everywhere
  6. My beach and I are trying new things and seaweed on me
  7. When you dig in holes on beaches they get wet
  8. The beach was spraying everywhere!
  9. My beach love seamen
  10. I coconutted on the beaches face
  11. Oops wrong blowhole
  12. she drank the salty water

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