Adult Bali Puns – Perfect Balinese Puns For Your Instagram

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The Punny Backpacker is back! This time its Bali treatment, I will be writing some of the best Bali Puns which I can think of. Just a warning, make sure you are aware these puns start nice and friendly then they hit you like a speeding bus full of overweight people. ( I’m allowed to say this as I am fat).

Second thoughts some of these puns are probably not the best for your Instagram. But should make you and mates laugh if you send them over Whats app

Light Bali Puns

  • Hope you’re not mad with him, Ubud’s still?
  • I hit my head in Bali, Now I have Ind-Amnesia
  • Rice, Rice Baby
  • Love Beer made with Bali
  • Why are you having some many Paddies?
  • Ulu wat, u wanna fight?
  • Getting a migraine in the temples
  • It’s so humid you could Kuta it with a knife
  • Oi Git-Git there is a waterfall there you unpleasant person

Tegenungan Waterfall In Bali lookout

Medium Bali Puns

  • Love It she puts my Bali in her mouth
  • She was so wet, like a waterfall
  • U-Bud You got Ma-Ket?
  • Wanna Mount? Batur eyes at me
  • Bali is full of swingers

Goa Gajah Bedulu, Elephant Temple Cave

Warning Extreme Bali Puns

  • San-ur a cunt
  • Had a 5som with 4 models on Dreamland Beach
  • They were sucking me off then… WaterBlow
  • What’s worse than a Semi-in-a-yak?ADI ARI VILLA

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