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Adult Australian Puns

Adult Australia puns

These are some of the best Australia puns I could think of, they start light but they quickly become very dirty and for adults eyes only!

Just want to double warn you how bad some of these puns are, So don’t go off crying when they leave you not being able to hear the word ‘Melbourne’ no more.

Perth from Rottnest
pun-oramic Perth-fec photo

Light Australia puns

  1. Perth-fec day
  2. How’s the weather? Darwin(d) is strong
  3. The wizard of oz
  4. Aus-sie dead people
  5. Drinking too much can give you Sydney disease
  6. No pain, No Brisb-ane
  7. Top-koalaty banter
  8. Go cairns because you can
  9. No WA-y!
  10. Where’d-ingo
  11. Gonna check out the new film Melbourne Idenity
  12. All my puns are ab-original

Medium Australia puns

  1. CU in The NT
  2. Wanna roo(t)
  3. Gee-Thats-Long
  4. Having sex with you brings me so much Joey
  5. I got (Ade)laide last night
  6. What a quokka shit

Heavy Australia Puns

  1. Stick it in my Ayers (rock)
  2. I love a Gold(en) Coast shower
  3. Can(I)Berra my cock in you?
  4. You should have seen it… she had a plat-on her-puss
  5. Did you just finish on my (out) Back?
  6. Tried pegging last night… MelTourne up my Arse
  7. when I went down under on my girl last night she farted

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