What is FSG Travels?

A collection of the greatest minds in travel. Giving tips, advice, and destinations for other travelers in their own creative ways.

Here we have no requirement or restrictions. We just want to give great value content for all.

Why was FSG Travels Built?

I  believe the people who spend time creating content for others are becoming lost in the world.

Let’s just say you make amazing cinematic videos inspiring more people to visit countries that most people haven’t heard about.

There are multiples of people that would gain a lot from seeing this video that has taken hours upon months to film, edit and upload.

But unfortunately, your not being seen. Your hours of making content get lost.

The unfair reasons why

Your video is not searchable. You have a place that isn’t really known, how do they know they need it?

  • You only upload once a month due to time.
  • You don’t spam groups. Follow for follow or other “algorithm beating strategies”
  • You don’t have the money to pay for promotion
  • You’re not great at marketing (You’re great at traveling, and making content)

You could do like everyone else and change your content. Rush it, to upload more. Make it about more searchable places and completely destroy the value that you once was trying to give to the world…

Funny how quickly bloggers, vloggers, and other creators have a bad name now.

I decided to come up with an idea where people can’t spam, quick and easy content. It’s not judged by computers. And the ones who work the hardest on travel content get the most reward.

Who is FSG Travels?

FSG Travels isn’t one person. Its the travel creators as a collective.
It’s everyone from the Once a year family travelers to the budget nonstop traveler.
No one here is the same. We all have our own story. But we have one thing in common, our love for travel.

You can join the FSG team too, check out… Promote Yourself