Our Vision


Is to show you the world in a light that others don’t see, bringing humour along the way. We hope to show as much of the world as well as what is possible for yourselves, Inspiring you to travel too. Want to travel keep reading!


Our Story

Like a lot of people nowadays, we were looking for an alternative to working the 9-5 back in our home country. So, we headed off to the other side of the world in the hopes of finding a new vision and new path to bring back home. Along our journey we came across a lot of struggles and difficulties. This made us come up with the idea of writing a book originally named “Failure, Success and Goals (Backpacks to Beer Taps)”.  If you would like more information on how we started and what we are doing now, check out our latest blogs on the right.

Meet the Team

Want to know who is putting the work in to FSG Travels? Well the wait is over check below.

Sean Brett

Founder & CEO

The (beautiful) face of FSG Travels, Author,Website designer and all round superstar.

He is very humble!

Travelled alot of Europe as a child with family.

Qualified and worked as a Dental Technician after leaving school at the age of 16 following 8 years of studying and building a career…Then gave it all up for something more!

At the age of 24, Sean decided to travel and see more of the world. Working in many different jobs like: door knocking, supervising bartender, night supervisor and receptionist at a hostel.

When Sean turned 25 (after nearly a year of travelling) he wrote his 1st book “Backpacks To Beer Taps”, which is all about his and Taylor MacKee’s struggles with their new life travelling Australia looking for a new way of making money.

Since then Sean has built a social media following of 10,000 under the Name FSG Travels, blogs and writes articles under the same name.

He plans to carry on travelling and inspiring others to change their lives and travel more.

November 27th 2021 Sean Brett Plans to travel the world. But Not just see the whole world he has been accepted to attempt Fastest time to visit all sovereign countries!

Sean is also known as the Funny Backpacker.

Taylor MacKee

Founder & CEO

Does everything behind the scenes.

Main tasks are spell check, keep Sean in check and spend the cheques!

Always had a passion for animals, Dog and Horses being her main passion. Once leaving college at 19 Taylor was in and out of different jobs from factory work to caring for horses.

At the age of 22, Taylor found herself in an awful job and lifestyle that was causing her depression to get worse by the day.

At this time Taylor was undergoing coaching which improved her happiness and she decided to join Sean and go to Australia, risking the little money they had to start a life of travel.

Since this journey Taylor MacKee has furthered herself with more coaching and co-wrote Backpacks To Beer Taps. Taylor now plans to coach and help others. She has decided to limit her travel when arriving home at the end of 2018.

Until then she is known as the Sassy Backpacker.

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