88 Days farm work what is it like

What’s 88 Days Farm Work Like?- Australian Working Holiday Requirement

What is the 88 days farm work requirement?

In short the 88 days farm work requirement is something you have to do to get your second year working holiday visa in Australia. This can range from jobs and tasks like picking fruits and vegetables to Animal rearing.


Raspberries picking Job

In this blog I will be explaining what the 88 days is like, If its even worth doing! and How to find work!

How difficult is it?

Well if you luckily enough to find a good 88 day job for example working with animals it can be quite easy and even fun! But for the most it is extremely hard work and is compared to a prison sentence. That’s just the actual work, finding it can be extremely difficult too.

Saying this, the best part of the 88 days is the people you will meet. They are all in a similar situation to you from all over the world! You meet some great people and minds.

What is the pay like and what is piece rate?

What pay?

If you are thinking about doing farm work for money… Think again!

Saying this, I have heard storys of people earning a lot of money doing farm work earning hourly rate and working good amount of hours!

In my case hourly rate, doesn’t start when you start work, It starts when they want to start it… 8 hour working day, get paid for 6!

But hourly beats piece rate every time! So piece rate is not breaking the law it need to average at hourly rate. Plus a bonus because its piece rate.

The Maths

for people who like maths this is what it should be. hours x min wag x casual rate (bonus) x piece rate (bonus) (work out average of everyone working) / amount of buckets or box or palate= rate per bucket or box or palate

for example  If you worked 5 hours on min wage (being 17 dollars)

5 hours x 17 + (4.25) +(2.04) = 23.29 hourly rate

Your pay rate should be on average 23.29 x 5 = $116.45  for 5 hours (so between 100-130 depending on speed)



because the maths isn’t worked like that

So worked 5 hours but you wasn’t picking for 5 hours so lets take off time … you had to set up -15 mins at start of day -15 mins to clean up, you have to walk to your field 15 mins, you move field 15 mins, they take an extra 5 before you start, before you finish, and extra time off every break (say -20 mins ) (This is all your time you should be paid for, But don’t)

so your 5 hours working time is now  3 hours 40 mins

On top is you have profession shit pickers ( people that do a shit job but are extremely fast).These people can double your pick as they don’t get checked on ‘clean’ picks but you do.

23.29 x 3.66 = $83.84  (average) but your now below because the shit pickers ($60- $80 )

So your $100-$130 has turned into $60-$80… what you going to do about it!

What happens if they say you picked less than you did?


Is it worth doing?

This is something you really need to think about!

The time you will spend looking for a job, plus the fact you need to spend 3 months there and the fact you won’t make much money (unless you are lucky)

Is it worth for another 12 months in Australia?

There is other working holiday locations!

Is there anyway around it?

Paying farmers to to send you money, lying to the government and lots of other illegal scams! Its not worth it!

Do the time or leave

Don’t try and get around it.


How can I find it?

Like most jobs in Australia the country is against you  

So if your looking for work, Online is probably your 1st point of call! But this is the most competitive.

Try going down to your local information centre and picking up a copy of the harvest trail, this book is gold! It tells you the seasons and where the best places are, maybe pop your head in and visit them (disclaimer, so farms have a lot of backpackers randomly turn up. Maybe look them up online or ring ahead).

Or ask others in hostels where they worked!

Last place, check out Facebook groups like Australian Backpackers 2018 ( I post my kick Arse Parody there too)


What should I avoid?

There is a lot of different scams for backpackers, one of the most common is … ‘pay for something before you arrive’ they tell you its to save you a spot in a farm house or something… turns out there isn’t even a job or a farm.

Other scams include places saying they are in the 2nd year visa location and job type criteria, just so you work there for 3 months.

No paying you too work and saying they are not signing you off untill you you work another X amount of weeks.

All these are scams and are illegal. If anyone trys to do this to you report them!

Make sure you no what you need and what counts as a 88 day farm job here at the government website  

Place to Avoid

Costa in Gingin

these guys still owe me $20 bucks claiming I never packed the amount of fruit. They was also full of empty promises!

Avoid these guys like Shit on a Stick!


Can it be fun?

life is what you make it.

filmed at Costa in Gingin!


What do I need to start work?

What do I need for Farm Work (88 days & 2nd year visa requirement)


Thanks for reading

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