10 things I miss about England

10 Things I Miss about England

10 things I miss about England


Less crack on with the list …


10. Weather

This may sound like a sick joke to the people of England “you’re in Australia how can you miss the weather”. I miss the fact you know what you get with England, doubt its going to get above 30 and if it does snow your probably get an inch.

blur cars dew drops


9. Places

When I say places, i’m not talking about my home town.

I mean the fact everywhere has history older than 200 years! Australia is great but they do lack in history … They have got it but no one talks about it.

ancient cloudy daylight england

8.How Much Things Cost

Man, Australia is expensive! You can earn well out here but … Damm.

England. Fredo , can of kick and a doughnut under a quid … well it was back in 2009



7. Reliability 

Can you get a Full time job … yes

You know people are going to be at the pub on a Friday

and you will try to make plans and they wont happen

gray metal cubes decorative



So let me list of a couple of places that i need!

pizza express (pizza out here is dirt)

Tesco Meal Deals (nowhere does decent package sandwiches)

Toby carvery (just because)


brown potato in front of french fries




Australia sort your selves out! Your internet is shit! That is all

apps blur button close up



4.Night life

The lock out laws here are terrible, no shits after 12 and its Illegal to be drunk in Australia.

On top of all this the pubs In NSW are all pokie based or other forms of gambling … not the atmosphere

Give me a Weatherspoons any day!


two persons holding drinking glasses filled with beer

3. Cheap flights to Europe

Ok granted, I never done this when I was actually living in England… but I don’t no why I didn’t. Its so cheap and so close its stupid not to.

Quick search on the internet on a Wednesday lunch at work. Spain after work on Friday.


city continent country destination


2. Music (Radio)   

Another strange one on this list, Music.

Music is life in England and you probably don’t ever know it. you go work in your car listen to the radio, at work then when your out all the Pubs and Clubs have the Fresh new songs!

black record vinyl

1.Family and friends 

Of course I miss my family and friends, who wouldn’t being away from home for over a year. Looking forward to catching up when I get back.


people silhouette during sunset



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10 things i miss about England
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