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You will find a collection of the greatest minds in the travel industry, giving their best tips, tricks, and hacks for you as a traveler and or creator.

What is FSG Travels?

Here we have no requirements or restrictions, we just try to give the best travel content from a range of different people.

We don’t worry about SEO or click-baiting here. It isn’t about writing the best articles for Google or tricking you into reading. Instead, we write the best tips and advice that you might not be looking for. Some of the best advice isn’t something that can be searched for or have the most newsworthy headline. We are here to help the underrated gems shine.

We want to become your trusted home hub of travel. Our dream is for you to go to a place and be able to use this website to find the best coffee shop for WiFi , things todo on budget and areas to avoid from real travelers. not from people that been paid to leave a 5-star review or that customer that has a vendetta against the boss.

It’s a shame to say, it’s becoming harder and harder to find honest people on the Internet. So how can we say we have honesty on this website?

After you try that hike in that small town that hiking_is_best123 told you about and you pack that extra water bottle because they suggested it. You find your experience was improved because of them. You check there profile, their site and find your new favorite hiking blogging.

We try to give creators a great platform to express themselves without taking away any of the value.


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We understand you don’t want to “giveaway” your best content to another site. It isn’t about that. Imagine you wrote an article on the tourist hot-spot in Bali on your own website. When traveling to this hot-spot you visited a little cafe before which blow your mind. But you already wrote a lot about cafes. and you don’t want to overdo cafes on your site. Well share our audience, write the article for us, then at the end of the article use your link space to promote your own article on your website.

Maybe your an Instagramer and you took a wonderful photo of Big Ben. You don’t have a website, as you don’t want to deal with the upkeep. Fair enough, why not write an article on how you took the photo or that hidden gem you found while in London. Include your photo and a link your Instagram. You might find some new followers

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September 2019

Website Under Maintenance

If you are reading this, you might be thinking why does this website look like a construction site?

Well, this is because the page is undergoing some major improvement works, But I didn’t want to shut down the site… Because we still have amazing content available to you

I’ve set a deadline of 27th of November 2019, to get it up and running.