Hello Fellow Travelers!


Welcome to FSG Travels

If you think you’re in a safe place, think again.

Here at FSG Travels, Me (The Funny Backpacker) and the team don’t hold back. That was your warning. If you don’t like it, Bye.


For you guys who weren’t too pussy and stuck around, let me give you a rundown on what we do here…

We write down, talk about and capture everything travel related. Not like these other travel bloggers that are so scared that they will offend Someone (I know I will offend you, but you will have to get over it). Here you will find the funny side of backpacking as well as finding some great tips and tricks which can save you time, money and effort. I’m so flipping happy you can come along the journey with me. (PS I do swear but in moderation)

As you’re on our website I guess you want to read our blogs?

Or maybe you’re just here to perv on me…


At FSG Travels we like to give you a bit of everything to keep you entertained. You will find stuff ranging from Tips to save money on your travels all the way to Travel puns! The Bars at the top of the page will direct you around. Too lazy to scroll back up, Here is a list of all my blogs starting with my newest


I really should put something Interesting on the home page…BUT

I don’t want to sell you something like other travel writers (I have a Product page )

I don’t want to tell you about us ( I have this About us Page)

I don’t want to show you funny photo’s (I have our Instagram for That)

I don’t want to Answer Frequently Asked Questions (I couldn’t even be bothered to do that on the FAQ page)

I don’t want to show my parody video’s ( I have a YouTube Channel For that)

I don’t want to put my photos from the nudist beach here ( Cracking Idea though)

I don’t want to add a large photo of me (I’m not good looking)

I don’t want to put your sister’s photo here (Taylor will kill me)

I don’t want to write anything negative (I don’t dislike it though)

I don’t want to link to your blog (Susan please stop asking)

I don’t want to give you tips to get WHV in OZ ( I have made an article)

I don’t want to write any puns here (it’s not very punny)

I don’t want to ask you to subscribe ( You haven’t seen how great I am yet)

I don’t want you to email me (failluresuccessgoals@gmail.com if you want to annoy me)

I don’t want to repeat myself (I don’t want to repeat myself)

I don’t want to seem indecisive (or do I?)

I don’t want to waste your time writing rubbish (But I guess I have)

Just have a look around you will find something interesting! If you can’t, go to one of the blogs and leave your best your momma joke!





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