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Welcome to FSG Travels where we write down, talk about and capture everything backpacking and travel related. Here you will find the funny side of backpacking as well as finding some great tips and tricks which can save you time, money and effort. I’m so happy you can come along my journey with me… Let’s hope it goes well

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At FSG Travels we like to give you a bit of everything to keep you amused and entertained! Below you will find a list of all the different types of blogs we offer.

Guinness Book of records, The Journey

The Travel Journey

on the 27th of November 2021, I, Sean Brett will be trying to break the world record for the fastest person to travel to all sovereign countries in the world.

But I have many problems, like being broke and not having a clue on where to start.

 This is Blog links you to my whole journey from not having a clue to actually attempting the challenge.

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Wish me luck

Funny Travel Blogs

Funny Travel blogs

A Range of different Funny Travel blogs from parodies to quotes to even an odd couple of puns.

Just a warning some of these blogs are not for people who take life to seriously

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Taylor’s Thought’s (The Sassy Backpacker)

Sassy backpacking blogs

These are all the blogs written by Taylor MacKee Or as she is known by FSG Travels The Sassy Backpacker.

She has a strong opinion and isn’t scared to speak her mind especially about travel and me.

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Travel Blogging Tips

Overcoming struggles of blogging

So you have seen me on social media or maybe you have read some of our blogs and you think you can do it yourself.

Well, I’m here to help and made some really helpful blogs for you.

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Travel interviews

Travel interviews

We love to hear the story of other travelers here at FSG Travels.

Sometimes others like to hear our stories, so we will share all these stories in this blog

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Travel Items

travel items all you need to travel the world

If you want to be prepared mentally and physically for any trip you need to check out these blogs.

We have blogs to get you prepared for packing your bag to the right book.

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Travel Reviews

Travel reviews: the best travel reviews

Want to know what I think about things around me?

I Don’t go easy on some!

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Social media

Social media Travel Accounts

Time for me to go all big headed and shout out my on social media pages.

To be fair they are pretty good, so are the blogs about social media accounts.

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Travel thoughts

Travel Motivation

These are a list of random blogs and thoughts of Myself.

Stuff from Travel & Fitness to Missing England

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Travel Hacks and Tips

tips and hacks for travellers

If you are wanting to travel more.

Learn more and save time and money

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